West Point New York, Us Army Academy - USMA - At Attention Art Print by Jane Wooster Scott
Title: At Attention
West Point, Army Military Academy - New York
Limited Edition - Hand Signed & Numbered by
Jane Wooster Scott

Actual print image size = 18" x 22.5"

West Point, New York
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©Jane Wooster Scott - This is a hand signed and numbered limited edition ( 2,100 ) Graphic.

A description of this image: The U.S. Military Academy located at West Point New York. World famous from before the time of the American Revolution between the British and the original Colonists. George Washington personally commanded this post before relinquishing its control to the infamous Benadict Arnold who betrayed it's resources over to the British through British officer named Major John Andre. The plan to capture the fort was foiled by malitia who captured John Andre when it was discovered that he was carrying detailed written plans of the pending attack on West Point on his person as he was traveling to his British Command, but Benadict Arnold escaped with his life with just minutes from capture. A dark, yet famous period in our american heritage.

Today this prestigious military fort is home to some of the finest cadets and officers that the US Army has ever educated. Located on the Hudson River less than 1 hour North of New York City, this painting dipicts a graduation class in full dress uniform on the graduation marching grounds. On the hillside behind this scene, you can see the cadet Chapel and a solo hot air balloon flying overhead promoting a long standing Rivalry of the famous Army vs. Navy Football games by touting "Beat Navy". It appears that Michie Stadium is home to that season's game.

Graduates of this famous Army Academy include: Ulysses S. Grant, Thayer, Partridge, General Robert E. Lee, President Eisenhower, Sheridan, Sherman, MacArthur, Patton, Bradley, Dudley Wainwright, Buckner, Taylor Shea, Longstreet. These men are famous in many Wars, including the Revolutionary War, Civil War, War of 1812, WWI, WWII, to mention a few.

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Puzzle Dimensions = 19" x 22.5"

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