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25 Falls Road
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MGC's Custom Made
Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
and Fine Art Gallery

Hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles custom made for Adults and Children
Personalized, ONE OF A KIND Jigsaw Puzzles from 4 to 4,000+ pieces.
Secure Online ordering is available for both Puzzles and Fine Art Prints.

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Pretty Gibson Girl Jigsaw Puzzle

Click on the Woman's face above to enlarge the photo puzzle segment, which is a small part of a larger 525 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle. Here you get to see the quality side profile of my premium grade 1/4" thick puzzle wood, as well as the smooth, seemingly continuous flow of my Traditional cutting style. Notice how the cut lines are intentionally wrapped around the eyes and mouth, so not to detract from the beauty of her face.

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puzzle holder

Jigsaw Puzzle
Carrier - Storage Unit

The Jigsaw Puzzlers companion! Available for 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 piece puzzle sizes. Easily store away your puzzles in progress without taking up the dining room table!
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7 NEW images
in time for the 2003 Holiday season
Royce McClure
Colorful Marine and wildlife artist
35 images in all

View my Puzzle and Art
Learn what I have been up to,
and where you can find me!

Updated weekly
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photo puzzle

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Jigsaw Puzzles
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House warming gifts
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Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery
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Happy Birthday Jigsaw Puzzle
Enlarge on the above picture!

Willkommen!  -   Bienvenue!
Recepción!  -   Benvenuto!
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July 27, 2003

To celebrate 30 years in the bicycle business, 20 consecutive years of sponsoring of top level racing teams, and 9 National Championships in the USA Cycling Cyclocross Championships since 1997, Richard Sachs Cycles has commissioned Mark G. Cappitella of MGC Puzzles to produce custom-made jigsaw puzzles depicting recent CYBC / Richard Sachs Team jerseys.

Welcome! I have been considered by some to be a maker of some of the finest quality hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles produced today. All my puzzles are custom made to order ( personalized ) using personal enlarged photographs, fine art prints, calendar pictures, new or old antique maps, corporate logos and digital image files. A very unique and extra special gift for the person who has everything, and for avid jigsaw puzzle lovers. I can custom make my wooden puzzles for ANY holiday or special occasion that you can think of. From Weddings to BarMitzvahs, Birthdays to Anniversaries, Marriage Proposals to Wedding Favors, Corporate gifts to Corporate marketing and advertising, from baby showers to bridal showers, and friendship puzzles to house warming, birth announcements to memorial puzzles and fund raisers... the ideas and reasons for a custom made puzzle are virtually endless!

Every one of my wooden jigsaw puzzles is a one of a kind, and is a completely personalized treasure and keepsake for you and your family and friends! I primarily cater to adult jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts who seek puzzles with 100 to 4,000+ pieces with varying difficulty levels that are beautifully cut in addition to being challenging. I do also make my very special jigsaw puzzles starting at just 4 to 12 pieces for your younger school age children and senior citizens.

You have the option of using your own personal enlarged photographs for your jigsaw puzzle, you can also select from the many wonderful fine art prints available inside my online Art Gallery which is currently featuring the wonderful fine artists listed below. I offer image scanning and enlargement services as well, allowing you to send me pretty much any image you want to be scanned and enlarged into your custom jigsaw puzzle. Do you have an old photo that is not in the best condition? I can also do some mild to moderate digital air brushing to Restore your puzzle's photo, eliminate cracks, small age stains, tears, and scratches.

You may also purchase any art print at your local art store or framing shop, that appeals to you, and send it to me to be custom made into your special wooden puzzle. Additionally, I even accept photo scans sent to me via e-mail or via CD for larger image files.

About half of the custom jigsaw puzzles that I hand craft are made from art prints or personal images that my customers personally send in to me.

Artists featured in the online
Art Gallery

Jane Wooster Scott
World Famous
Limited edition
hand signed and numbered
Serigraph and Lithograph art prints.
202 wonderful Americana images.

Royce McClure
Colorful Marine and wildlife artist
35 Images

Leif Nilsson
5 wonderful impressionist scenes

Nicholas P. Santoleri
Over 30 wonderful images available.

Barbara Appleyard
Colorful Americana images in a variety
of sizes to fit any budget.
NEW Gallery!

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Victorian Girl Advanced Puzzle

Click on this picture to enlarge it.
More information about this
puzzle can be found Here.

The above puzzle that I created was on exhibit
from October 14, 2000 Until
January 7, 2001
at the Museum of Art in Katonah New York.

Be sure to visit my
to see some very challenging puzzles.

photograph puzzles

NEW - Playing Card Puzzles
Ordering information coming soon.

Enlarge image

Order at: www.CardPuzzles.com

Zoomed in photo of puzzle pieces
and their side view profile.
Click Here to Enlarge

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Art prints from some artists to the left
are also for sale
without being cut
into wooden jigsaw puzzles.
Prices are found in each gallery.
Send me ANY fine art print, poster
digital image file of your own
to be used to make your custom made
hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzle!

Free jigsaw puzzles - newsletter

A NEW Patriotic Jigsaw Puzzle

The puzzle to the RIGHT, is one that I have recently made for my own private family collection. After showing it to a number of my friends, they raved over the puzzle, and insisted that I offer it here on my web site. The original image file I was given, will allow for me to make this puzzle in as large as an 18" x 18". (Note the puzzle is really not square, but trimmed out in the shape of the waving US Flag.)

I can offer this puzzle in 5 sizes to accommodate the budgets of a wider range of collectors. the red number in the edition size below tells you how many I have already made, and the black number tells you the total number that I will make.


Piece Count


Edition Size

6" x 7"




8" x 10"




12" x 14"




15" x 18"




18" x 21"




To add a little more collectibility to these puzzles, I am limiting the Production of these puzzles to a very low number.

American Bald Eagle Patriotic Puzzle
Enlarge Image

NOTE: The choice of figure shaped puzzle pieces in the above puzzle are not standard, One Figure piece is free per 50 pieces of puzzle ordered, and can be pretty much any shape that you desire. Names, Dates or objects. If you have something that is unique in nature, I ask that you provide me with a sketch of the shape via e-mail, or Fax.

If you, or someone you know, are an avid puzzler, then you will surely treasure one of my beautiful hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles. They are all hand made to order and cater to the actual individual for whom your puzzle is intended. My "Traditional Cut" wooden puzzles can vary in size from as small as 5"x7" (12 to 70 pieces) to as large as 21"x34" (1,800+ pieces).

The puzzle shown to the right is from my private puzzle collection, and is titled Hummingbird Roses. I carved it with a totally irregular edge and dropped out areas, as well as a moderate amount of colorline cutting. A very challenging and colorful little 125 piece puzzle.
Wedding Favors and Gifts

Clowing Around Fish Puzzle
Try this colorful Puzzle!
Clowning Around
Just 60 pieces, and makes a GREAT challenging gift!
$95.00  plus shipping!

In style Magazine

I am honored to have my unique wooden wedding puzzles featured in In-Style Magazine's... "125 Personal touches to make your Wedding Day Special".

Spring 2001 Issue
See Page 250.

MGC Puzzles
is the feature story
and cover page of


If you know someone who is an avid woodworker, see if they still have their December 2000 issue, for a Feature story about me and my one of a kind wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Woodshop Magazine Cover
Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Cutter
Mark G. Cappitella

puzzle holder

Jigsaw Puzzle
Carrier - Storage Unit


The Jigsaw Puzzlers companion! Available for 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 piece puzzle sizes. Easily store away your puzzles in progress without taking up the dining room table!

portapuzzle puzzle carrier

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Puzzle phone number

No cardboard puzzles

The multi-colored puzzle to the left, is titled Clowning around. It is a magnificent small puzzle with about 60 pieces that I sell for just $95.00. It is an excellent challenge, as advanced puzzlers can usually solve it in an hour or less, where less advanced jigsaw puzzlers can take up to 2+ hours.

I take great pride in working one on one with my customers to get to know them, and to really personalize the experience of buying one of my special wooden jigsaw puzzles. For information on all the special jigsaw puzzle cutting options I have available to you, please visit the Creating YOUR puzzle page.

enlarge image

NEW Puzzle
Maple Leaf

This great new puzzle comes in a variety of colors, and has turned out to be a huge hit for puzzlers loving a good challenge. I offer this puzzle in two sizes.

27-30 pieces


43-47 pieces


This is a CHALLENGING little puzzle.

Available Colors are: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Magenta, Yellow/Brown (Shown), Order

Virtually Any idea is possible when making custom cut wooden jigsaw puzzles. My ideas and examples page has some great information for you to read, as well as pictures of some of the previous puzzles I have made. I invite you to call me Toll Free 1-888-604-7654 so that we can talk about your ideas for your custom puzzle, as well as having me answer any additional questions you may have.

My many past experiences of hand crafting over 1,987 completely unique and wonderful jigsaw puzzles for just about every holiday and special occasion, may help you in adding a little direction and flair to how we will create your's.

You will find that I am a friendly person, and a good listener... so don't be shy about calling. I am NOT a "Pressure Sales Person" . If you choose to order one of my puzzles, GREAT! If not, that is fine too. The choice is entirely yours. Believe me when I say that I NEVER have a shortage of puzzles waiting to be made, and I do hope that your puzzle will be one of them.

I look forward to speaking with you soon, as well as to the opportunity of creating a personalized wooden jigsaw puzzle that you, or someone very special in your life, will truly enjoy and cherish. My jigsaw puzzles will likely become family treasures and heirlooms that your family will proudly pass on to the future generations. If maintained and cared for properly, it is anyone's guess as to how many generations my wooden jigsaw puzzles will be enjoyed.

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Black CatHappy Puzzling - Mark Cappitella

View my Puzzle and Art
Learn what I have been up to,
and where you can find me!

Updated weekly
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photo puzzles

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wooden jigsaw puzzle showcase

Here I am showing one of my smaller puzzles at my friend Leif Nilsson's Gallery in Chester, Connecticut. Leif's gallery is one of the only places that you can purchase one of my wooden puzzles "already made". Click on the above photo to enlarge it.

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I ship domestic orders for my custom made wooden jigsaw puzzles and fine art prints using FedEx or UPS delivery.

All shipments originate from Connecticut Zip Code: 06423

All prices shown on this web site are subject to change without notice, as I am not always able to update this large web site with every price modification they may occur. Thank you for understanding.

All art prints and puzzles made using images found on this web site are subject to availability.

I accept
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International Puzzles
No cardboard jigsaw puzzles

United We Stand
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MGCs Custom Wooden Puzzles
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CTRiverValley.com web site
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Southern New England


Mark and Allison Cappitella are
members of
The Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors
This is an organization dedicated
to the history, preservation, recording and
education of games and puzzles world wide.
AGPC web site.

Mark Cappitella is a former
US Marine
Proudly serving in the
1st Marine Division
9th Communications Battalion,
13th MAU and 15th MEU
Camp Pendleton, California
1985 to 1989
US Marines Logo
Semper Fidelis

I am proud of the US service men and women who are currently serving to protect the USA and freedom around the world.

Mark Cappitella is a
Member of the
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Visiting Rotarians are welcome!
Tuesday Evenings 6PM
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