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Mark C
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Please complete this online order form. I know it looks a little intimidating, but as you go through the form, you will find that it is really quite straight forward, and asks many relevant questions. There may be a few fields of information that do not apply to your order, depending on the type of puzzle you are ordering. Just skip over those irrelevant fields.


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Mark, I am treating myself to one of your custom wooden puzzles.
Birthday Gift
Marriage Proposal
Guest Book Puzzle
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Graduation / Retirement Gift
Corporate Teamwork / Trade Show / Gift

Valentine's Day
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I am ordering ONE (1) Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle.
I am ordering Custom Puzzles, I will Provide detailed information about each puzzle in the COMMENTS AREA at the end of this page.

*Puzzle Cutting Price:
If ordering multiple puzzles, enter the price "per" individual Puzzle.. not total price"

  - As stated in the pricing section of my web site, or in the appropriate art gallery.
If you are Not Sure... type the price you believe your puzzle should cost, followed by "
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If you are placing a RUSH order, do NOT include the Rush Fee in the above price. It only confuses things. Thank you.

*Puzzle Image Printing Price:
Applies ONLY to puzzle orders where a digital image was sent in to me via email and needs to be printed.

If the specific size you are ordering is not listed here, simply match the "area" (Height x Width) of your puzzle image with the closest similar "area" size listed above.

*Image Source
(+) If we are printing, and / or scanning your images additional fees do apply. For details, click Here.


My e-mail addresses for emailing in digital pictures & image files are:
4cpictures-@-mgcpuzzles.comyifor up to 25MB images

DO NOT CUT AND PASTE the above email address to your email. Manually type the address above when addressing your email to me.


What is the name of the file
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(Example: mike-smith-proposal-1.jpg)

Please make sure that your full name as it appears here on this order form appears in the SUBJECT line of the email that you email me your image with. IE: "Walter Williams - Puzzle Image"

Artist of Art Print:
(Only if using an image
off of my web site's online art gallery)


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Figurals: Figure shaped puzzle pieces... When ordering "Traditional" and the "Nightmare" cut style puzzles, type your figural choices next to the numbers to the left. You get one complimentary figure shaped piece per each 50 pieces of puzzle ordered. Extra Figurals cost $7.50 each, up to a maximum ratio of 8 Figurals per 100 pieces of puzzle.

Typical Figurals that are ordered in puzzles cut in my "traditiional cutting style" are things like initials, numbers, event dates, and objects like cats, dogs, hearts, birds, tools, human figures etc... If you have a "unique" figural request, simply e-mail me, or FAX me an outline of that figural. Click Here for more details.

Words are treated as 1 figural per 3 letters of the word.
Pat = 1 Figural
James = 2 Figurals
Jennifer = 3 Figurals... etc.

NOTE: Large Style / Child Style (Guest Book Puzzles) cut is NOT very conducive to the addition of Figural pieces. If desired, "simple" Figurals can be included, however due to the size of these puzzle pieces, "intricate" Figurals, initials, words etc. should be avoided. Unless you an I make previous arrangements, I will not cut detailed figurals in oversized puzzles. This also applies to the Push-fit style.

*Difficulty of Puzzle

Your selection of puzzle difficulty
does NOT effect the puzzle's price

1 - Easy
2 - Medium - Normal level of tricks and challenge
3 - Difficult - Throw all of your tricks at me in abundance.

*Style of cut

Traditional Cut Style " EARLET Shaped Locks" - (Most Popular with Pieces smaller than 1" square)
Child / Large - Cut Style -
Pieces are Larger than 1" Square, common in Child puzzles, Wedding Guest books, Corporate)
JUMBO & Giant Puzzle Style -
(REQUIRED SELECTION for Puzzles larger than 24" x 36" up to 42" x 58"+ in size

Traditional Cut Style - " ROUND Shaped Locks" (Pieces are smaller than 1" square)

Magnetizing your puzzle?

I now offer a premium quality magnetization option for your puzzles. I can apply very powerful "rare Earth" magnets to your puzzle pieces, which will allow them self stick to any magnetic receptive metal surface. Great for refrigerators, as well as working a puzzle on a metallic receptive lap board such as a dry erase board for road trips, and vertical displays.

NO, DO NOT Magnetize My Puzzle Order.

Yes, please apply 1 Magnet at $1.00 per puzzle piece to my puzzle
Height x Width divided by number of puzzle pieces = a number between 2.1 and 12.0 square inches of area per puzzle piece.

Yes, please apply 2 Magnets at $2.00 per puzzle piece to my puzzle
Height x Width divided by number of puzzle pieces = a number between 12.1 and 24.0 square inches of area per puzzle piece.

Yes, please apply 3 Magnets at $3.00 per puzzle piece to my puzzle
Height x Width divided by number of puzzle pieces = a number between 24.1 and 36.0 square inches of area per puzzle piece.

Yes, please apply 4 Magnets at $4.00 per puzzle piece to my puzzle
Height x Width divided by number of puzzle pieces = a number between 36.1 and 48.0 square inches of area per puzzle piece.

Yes, please apply 5 Magnets at $5.00 per puzzle piece to my puzzle
Height x Width divided by number of puzzle pieces = a number between 48.1 and 60.0 and asquare inches of area per puzzle piece.

For Guest Book Puzzle Orders Only... Please indicate the number of Archival Acid Free Pens you would like to order, at $3 each.
We recommend one pen for every 20 signing guests. (3 minutes per guest x 20 guests = 1 hour to sign the guest book puzzle)

(Used primarily for writing on the wooden BACK of the puzzle pieces in guest book puzzles for wedding receptions, anniversary gatherings, baby showers, birthday and retirement parties.)

Please send me Black pens.
Please send me Red pens.


Marriage Proposal Puzzles:
Please Type with quotes
" Anastasia, Will You Marry Me? ", the specific phrase you want used for your proposal.

Special Instructions:
This is the area where you can type all of the details you wish to convey to me regarding your order. You may types as much information as you wish.

The page you will see after you click the above submit button will show you all of the information you filled in above.. Print that page for your records.

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