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Proper photographic papers
for printing your puzzle images.

PLEASE READ and PRINT IT OUT if neccessary

Are you planning to have your photo, corporate logo or other collage type image enlarged in order to send it to me to be made into a custom wooden jigsaw puzzle? Then please take note of the following important information:

Acceptable Papers.
I strongly encourage that you use any of the following three paper makers to produce your enlargement for your custom made wooden puzzle. Using these papers will ensure that your puzzle will be very durable, and have a very long and happy life in your family's puzzle collection.

  • Traditional Photographic paper, or InkJet Photographic paper made by Kodak.
  • Traditional Photographic paper made by Fuji Film
  • Traditional Photographic paper made by ILford
  • Traditional Photographic paper made by AGFA
  • High Quality Bright White Gloss & Semi Gloss Ink Jet papers made by Epson

If you choose to send me an image that is printed on a paper that is NOT one of the above three recommended papers, you "may" experience delamination of the image from the puzzles pieces with regular handing, or over a short period of time. Basicially speaking, the paper will remain perfectly bonded to the puzzle wood, and yet the image will begin to curl up and peel off the puzzle. The paper itself is the cause of this problem, and not the wooden puzzle. If you send me an image that is not printed on Kodak, Fuji Film, AGFA, Epson HIGH Quality Bright White, and ILFord papers, then I will not accept any responsibility for any delamination that may occur to your puzzle. The above four mentioned papers WILL hold up to handling, and offer a long life to your puzzle.

NOT Recommended are the following Papers.

  • Do NOT use... HP Papers!!! (Hewlet Packard)
  • Do NOT use... Regular Copier type papers
  • Do NOT use... RAG based Papers
  • Do NOT use... economy grade or recycled papers, INCLUDING recycled papers made by any manufacturer.
  • Do NOT use... ANY other no name and non brand papers.

The use of any of these specifically named papers WILL likely result in premature damage to your puzzle in short term handing, and shorten the life of your puzzle. The primary problem that occurs from using these papers is htat the image prematurely peels up.

Unless you are having me make a puzzle that is going to be used for a ONE TIME EVENT (Corporate function / Icebreaker / trade show), and you do not plan to ever use the puzzle again, other than to frame the puzzle, then you should make every effort to use papers described in the acceptable section, or LET ME print your images on my special printer, and premium quality papers.

Additional comments about papers for
images other than photo enlargements,
corporate logo and collage reproductions.

Recommended Image Media

  • Ideal media for mounting to my puzzle wood are Art prints printed on poster type high quality dense paper.
  • Photo enlargements printed on photographic paper made by Kodak, ILFord and Fuji are also excellent options for puzzle image media.
  • Home printed images using high resolution, bright white "PHOTOGRAPHIC Papers" by Kodak or Fuji. These papers can easily be purchased at office supply stores such as Office Max and Staples. They typically come in sizes of 8.5"x11" (Letter size) and 11"x17" (Ledger size).
  • Wall Calendar Images... send the WHOLE page, do not cut off the excess paper around the image... I will do that with my saw blade.
  • Post Cards pritnied on quality card stock, make Ideal mini puzzles, ranging is size from 4"x6" to 6"x9" which make puzzle with 50 to 120 pieces.
  • Art books are a great source for famous paintings. Some art books can be as large as 12"x17", and if you do not mind tearing a page out of the book and sending it to me, you can have wonderful puzzles made from these images with up to 500 pieces in size.
  • Images from my online art gallery.
  • Printed "Lithograph" and "Serigraph" style art prints and quality posters work very well. Quality linen papers are also an ideal media. (Commonly found in quality wall calendars) These make great puzzle images, and mount VERY well.
  • Matte or Glossy paper finishes may be used.
  • Original Acrylic paintings painted directly onto my puzzle wood. I will send you my wood, for the cost of shipping, and once you have painted your image on it, simply ship it back to be cut into your special one of a kind puzzle.

Non-recommended Image Media

  • Art prints printed on fancy rag/fiber paper that is flaky (like recycled paper products) is NOT recommend, and strongly discouraged.
  • Images printed on canvas
  • Images printed onto "plastic" based papers
  • Images printed on wax coated papers
  • Images printed on any Epson or Hewlet Packard papers
  • Ink Jet prints printed on standard copier type paper
  • Original Oil, acrylic, watercolor and pen and ink paintings... these should be scanned, and re printed on proper papers. Cutting these types of images can present a variety of issues that lead me to not recommend their use.
  • Heat sensitive papers

If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE call me.
Toll Free: 1-888-604-7654 (US & Canada)
International Callers: 1-860-873-3093

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