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Large Jigsaw Puzzles

(A) FULLY INTERLOCKING - custom jigsaw puzzles available in relatively common sizes of, or any size in between.

30" x 40"

30" x 30"

SECTIONAL puzzles in sizes from...
(Red number tells you how many panels are used)

40" x 60"

40" x 90"

60" x 80"

60" x 60"

60" x 120"

80" x 90"

The massive puzzles are made in the above sizes using 30"x40" or 30" x 30" panels. The panels can comprise of any number of interlocking puzzle pieces that you need ranging from 100 up to 2000 pieces for each panel used. These fully assembled puzzle panels then push together (they do NOT interlock with each other), to complete the overall puzzle image, with an almost invisible straight line seam between them. These massive puzzles can also be MAGNETIZED!

I will make your custom puzzle to match YOUR needs. Give me a call so that we can brainstorm your idea with my 28 years of puzzle making experience, and create something very special together.

Custom Made to Order
Giant, Oversized
Large Jigsaw Puzzles

Sizes from
30" x 40" and 35" x 47"

2024 = 29 YEARS of making exquisite,
fully personalized, handcrafted
wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults,
corporate events, weddings and children.

Jumbo size jigsaw puzzles are ideal for
-- Corporate seminar visual displays
-- Corporate Team Building Training
-- Puzzles for a variety of Corporate Visual Aids needs.
Trade Show Booth Display Puzzles & Prizes contests.
-- Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies, and receptions

MAGNETIZING your wooden puzzle
is also an OPTION to add.


Browse recent photographs
and information on my beautiful
Jumbo Sized wooden puzzles on
my NEW tablet and smartphone
friendly 2nd website...

Monopoly game puzzle
Enlarge Image

6' x 6' square puzzle

This corporate client took the Monopoly Game concept, and 100% custom designed their own board, with relevant properties, utilities and chance spots, that related to their own business.

Round Puzzle
versized teamwork team work
Enlarge Image

YES!! Even ROUND puzzles... always eye catching. This teamwork training puzzle was 42 inches round. A nice size puzzle, cut into about 200 pieces. Once again, my customer has some EXCELLENT graphic design talent at their disposal to make this impressive image.


Hand-cut Wooden "Jumbo Oversize"
Jigsaw Puzzles

Extra Large Puzzles

30" x 40"
30" x 30"

2X Large Puzzles

35" x 47"
35" x 35"

1/4" thick premium 5-ply wood,


1/8" thick premium 3-ply wood,
(1/8" is non magnetic)

1/4" thick premium 5-ply wood,


1/8" thick premium 3-ply wood,
(1/8" is non magnetic)

100 puzzle pieces or less = $545

150 puzzle pieces = $725

200 puzzle pieces = $825

250 puzzle pieces = $925

300 puzzle pieces = $1,050

400 puzzle pieces = $1,325

500 puzzle pieces = $1,650

750 puzzle pieces = $1,925

1000 puzzle pieces = $2,750

Looking for puzzles that
are SMALLER than this
size range?
Click Here

100 puzzle pieces or less= $645
150 puzzle pieces or less= $775

200 puzzle pieces = $895

250 puzzle pieces = $975

300 puzzle pieces = $1,090

400 puzzle pieces = $1,380

500 puzzle pieces = $1,625

750 puzzle pieces = $2,245

1000 puzzle pieces = $2,750

1500 puzzle pieces = $3,975

* The above prices are based on large jigsaw puzzles made using enlarged pictures or fine art prints, that you send to me, in their "actual" size for your custom puzzle order. Photographic images "SHOULD" be printed on KODAK, FUJI or ILFORD photographic paper. Be sure to check that the KODAK, FUJI or ILFORD marking is on the reverse side of your print. You "can" send images printed on other lesser quality papers, however we will not stand behind the puzzle if the paper and image peel in a premature way from standard puzzle handling. My puzzles are wonderful works of art in themselves, and not exactly inexpensive. It is worth investing just a few more dollars, and a little extra effort in ensuring that you are sending me an image printed on quality photo paper.

^^ Large puzzles with few pieces are more susceptible to damage because individual puzzle pieces are large and have reasonable weight to them. If dropped, these larger puzzle pieces could dent or damage the image surface. Additionally Image lifting / peeling is much more prevalent in puzzles with very large individual pieces. When a Customer orders these oversized piece puzzles, they accept full responsibility for significant damage as a result of dropping puzzle pieces, and potential image lift that may occur. MGC Puzzles makes these puzzles as a courtesy, but does not take any responsibility if these two events do in fact happen with your puzzle.

You are ALWAYS WELCOME to send me a large format DIGITAL image file, and we can do all of the printing right in house, ensuring you the best possible quality for your puzzle.

*** Additional Feesthat "may, or may not", apply to your jigsaw puzzle order, include be the following services.

1) Printing fee for printing DIGITAL IMAGES sent to me via e-mail, FTP, or mailed in on a CD, that need to be printed. The price is $10 per square foot of area. For clients who wish to print their own image, they are welcome to do so, and then ship me their large photographic paper print. In cases where the customer provides me with the image already printed in the appropriate size for the puzzle, there will obviously be no printing charge.

2) Shipping charges are paid by the customer, and are added to the order total. We Ship UPS and FedEx within in the USA, and US Postal Service Express mail Internationally. In cases where customers provide us with their FedEx (Not UPS or DHL) account number, we are happy to ship them their order on their own account. As a result we will not charge any shipping or handling charges on that order.

3) Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles Some customers want to have their custom made wooden puzzles Magnetized. This is an OPTION available by request only. Depending on the size of the individual pieces in your puzzle, from 1-7 special magnets will be needed to properly magnetize your puzzle. For prices on this magnetizing feature, please click HERE

5) Do you need your puzzle order completed in a RUSH? If so, Click Here! - I WILL accommodate shorter notice RUSH orders when ever possible.


If you are a company looking for that impressive stand out presentation at a large corporate management meeting, educational seminar, or if you want to use my jumbo size puzzles for a unique grand display at a convention / trade show booth, then you have found the right puzzle company that can make your concept become a reality

Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle

Using this sectional approach, I can actually make Tremendous Jumbo puzzles as large as 96" x 108" which could conceivably contain as many as 16,000+ pieces. For large puzzles with fewer than 500 pieces (Typical orders are for puzzles in the 100 - 500 piece range) the the normal lead time is 2-3 weeks, (Faster delivery with Rush Orders) however with puzzle orders that have thousands of pieces, the lead time can be one to three months. if you have any questions about this at all, please call me.

Giant size jigsaw puzzles really are quite impressive to display at corporate Meetings, and Trade Show Booths, and in the case of the "2X Large" and "3X Large", you will need to plan out a working area larger than your typical dining room table to solve the puzzle. I am also happy to talk to you about ideas from my many past experiences of making trade show, teamwork, ice breakers, and marketing jigsaw puzzles.

Please give me a call if you have any questions at all about how to proceed with organizing, designing, and placing an order for one of my jumbo jigsaw puzzles.

The large puzzle dimensions and various puzzle piece counts mentioned in the chart below are all solid, fully interlocking wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Although my charts below only show about 18 piece count options per image size range stated, any unique piece count, or size not mentioned below is achievable, as long as the size mentioned can fit within a 42" x 58" rectangle space, and contain a piece count not larger than 4,000 pieces, for a single fully interlocking jigsaw puzzle.

Non interlocking puzzles larger than the ones listed below CAN BE MADE, however they would have to be made in sections. Each Section would be a fully interlocking puzzle containing a section of the overall image, however the sections themselves would not lock together, but rather push against each other to complete the overall grand image. I call this technique Tiling, or Paneling a puzzle into quadrants, much like an advertising billboard on the side of a highway is pieced together. when making these Massive sectional jigsaw puzzles, I do restrict the largest size for each section to 36" x 48".

These are images of a few select puzzles that represent EXCELLENT graphic design in both
concept, as well as physical appearance by some of my corporate customers.
These puzzles were used most commonly for Team Building Exercises and reaffirming Mission Statements.

Enlarge Image

This was a 4 panel jumbo puzzle, with each panel of the 4 being it's own fully interlocking 2 foot by 2 foot puzzle. The completed jigsaw puzzle size when assembled, and the 4 sections put into place, was 4 feet by 4 feet in size, with about 600 total puzzle pieces. This great puzzle was made for a special anniversary celebration for the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain stores of Ohio.

Pretty Gibson Girl Jigsaw Puzzle

Photo Jigsaw Puzzles


Custom Made Jigsaw Puzzles by MGC Puzzles

Employee Recognition puzzle
Enlarge Image

This order was for a combination of Two different puzzles. ONE master image was cut in a large jumbo size puzzle, then we reduced the size of the image to about 6"x9" in size, and carved up a good number of puzzles with about 15 pieces in each. The several dozen smaller puzzles were then given to specific people to invite them to this Special Meeting / Business Social. Employee Recognition.

Giant Puzzles
Enlarge Image

The Hilton Hotel Chain hired a Professional Digital Photographer to shoot a really nice High resolution photograph of their new Baltimore Airport (BWI) hotel in 2006. The image was printed at 36" x 48" and made into a very nice jigsaw puzzle. I believe the puzzle is on display someplace inside of the hotel.

Massive Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzles
Enlarge Image

This teamwork / Goal puzzle is a nice example of a clean crisp graphic for a Jigsaw Puzzle. This image is a vector based file. The original file that was e-mailed to me was a 400k .ai digital file, which was then was rasterized larger to a 3 foot by 4 foot size, with ZERO loss of image quality. Only these special vector based image files (not photographs) are capable of this size expansion without image quality loss.
My NEW website that is
Tablet & Smartphone Friendly
My online store / gallery of
pre-cut and custom puzzle images
My YouTube Channel


Just a few comments from some recent corporate customers.


I just wanted to let you know that we were extremely pleased with the giant puzzle you created for us. The entire USAA Marketing organization was very impressed with the quality, craftsmanship, and clarity of the puzzle, not to mention the speediness of your delivery, given our last-minute rush order. Thank you again for working with us so closely to help create something unique and special for our event.


Mary *******
Assistant Brand Manager
USAA Marketing


My Boss loved the puzzles you made for our Trade Show Booth. The image, wood and cutting quality is amazing. Thank you so much for a wonderful job done with such short notice.

Cynthia ********


As you promised, I received the puzzle on Tuesday morning, and my clients loved it! I'm glad you included your business card in the shipping. I shared your contact information with several participants. Thank you so much for your professionalism, and expertise.

Anita ********


Thanks for the compliment. It's good to know all my hard work on it,
didn't go unnoticed. And, we do have a great company that loves to have
fun. We practice the FISH philosophy (from Pikes Market Place in
Seattle). I'm sure we will be doing another one next year. Tom just
loves the puzzles and the great quality. So, thanks again.

Best wishes,

Kathi *******
Marketing Manager
Canterra Homes, Inc.


I first wanted to say thank you for your exceptional work! We used the jumbo puzzle you created in a team building exercise with administrators here at the University of Notre Dame and it was a huge success.

The Executive Vice President, Dr. John ********, was so impressed that he has asked me to order 30 5"x7" replicas of the larger puzzle to send to the participants as a reminder of the retreat. I realize you are on vacation until April 3rd and look forward to hearing from you upon your return. I am interested in a Tier 1B design for the smaller puzzles and was wondering as to the price for each puzzle.

Please feel free to contact me either via phone or e-mail.

All the best,

Amy ******

Director of Project Management
University of Notre Dame

The Following is a list of the Majority of our Corporate Clients with whom we worked with to make
custom jigsaw puzzles for their various business needs.

Custom Made Jigsaw Puzzles by MGC Puzzles

AARP - Washington D.C.
Act Now Productions - CA
Activites, Event Specialists - NJ
Advanced Physical Therapy Center - CT
AllAmerica Financial - MA
Allen Park Public Schools - MI
Altoona Frameworks & Gallery - PA
Anaheim Memorial Medical Center - CA
Anderson Mazda Nissan - IL
Andrews Air Force Base - CA
Apple Inc - CA
Apt. Association of Tarrant County - TX
Argent Mortgage - CA
Armani Graphic - CA
Around The World Travel - WI
Art Suma - FL
At Home in Arkansas - AR
B3 Architects - CA
Babson College - MA
Bagshaw Enterprises INC. - OH
Balentine Co. - GA
Baltimore City Public School System - MD
Baylor Medical Center at Frisco - TX
BankNewport - RI
Bayer - IN
Benefits Plus - KY
Benfield Corporate Risk - Alberta
Benicorp Insurance - IN
Berk Eye Care Center - OH
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Deleware
Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals, Inc - VA
Bolling Air Force Base - Washington DC
Boston University School Of Law - MA
BP Chemicals - Houston,TX
BP Chemicals - Warrenville, IL
BP Chemicals - Naperville, IL
BP Chemicals - Port Lavaca, TX
British Patroleum BP - Naperville, IL
British Patroleum BP - Houston, TX
British Patroleum BP - Lisle, IL
Brown and Caldwell - NJ
Buffalo Bills Football Team - NY
By Request Entertainment - MD
Canterra Homes - AZ
Castle Metals - TX
CCFC, Global Mtg Planner - FL
Central Transport - MI
Century 21 - Gross & Jansen - NJ
Charleston Air Force Base - SC
Chevron Research Center - CA
City of Chino - CA
City of Fort Worth - TX
CMO Graphics INC.
CNBC - Power Lunch
Coast Challenge - CA
Coast to Coast - IL
Cognis Nutrition & Health - IL
Colgate University Hockey - NY
Colorado Energy Asst. Foundation - CO
Commerce Bank - MO
Computer Helper - GA
Consolidated Marketing Services - MA
Continental Airlines - TX
Continental Airlines - OH
Continental Airlines - Training - NJ
Corp Communications Millennium Pharmaceuticals - MA
Corporate Printing Solutions, Inc. - MD
Cramer - NY
Creative Matters - OK
Crown Packaging Technology - IL
Cumulus Broadcasting - IA
Cyberonics - TX
Deleware Economic Dev Office - DE
Department Of Microbiology - Amherst, MA
Digitech Systems, Inc. - CO
Discovery Center - MO
Division of Medical Journals - IL
Dover Air Force Base - DE
Drury Design Dynamics - NY
DSM Nutritional Products - NJ
East Side Auto Service - NY
Edelman Public Relations - NY
Edgewise Media Inc - CA
Edison Schools Inc - NY
Ellsworth Air Force Base - SD
Endeavor - IL
Energy East - NY

International orders accepted.

Esparza Advertising - NM
Exactech, Inc. - FL
Exhibitus - NJ
Expeditors - TX
Experience Assistant - CO
Expo Vacations - FL
Extra Mile Inc - IL
Fairfield Resorts - FL
Figment Signs & Vehicle Graphics - FL
First Marblehead Corp - MA
Fisher's Feed & Fertilizer - IA
Flatotel - NY
Florida Hospital Mission Development - FL
Flower City Tissue Mill - NY
Friedman Marketing - NY
Fullerton School Disctrict - CA
Fyera! - CA
Gabriella Fashion - NY
Gavin Brown Ent. - NY
Goodfellow Air Force Base - TX
Grand Forks Air Force Base - ND
Green Mountain Coffee - VT
Greenhouse Partners - CO
Guaranty Bank - CA
HAC - Housing Assistance Council - Wash D.C.
Hanscom Air Force base - MA
Harvard Accounting & Tax Services - NY
Health Strategies - CA
Heritage Family Care LLC - CT

Heska Corp - CA
Hickam Air Force Base - HI
Hilton Hotel Dallas Lincoln Centre - TX
Hilton Hotel BWI - MD
Holy Family Regional School - MI
Honeywell - NJ
Horseshoe Cove - FL
Houston Postal Credit Union - TX
HSBC Mortgage - TX
Huron Consulting Group - IL
Ingersoll Rand Company - NJ
Innovapost - Mississauga Ontario Canada
Innovapost - Ottowa Ontario Canada
International Power - NY
Jacobs - Quality Department - LA
Jan Press Photo Media - NJ
J.B. Speed Art Museum - KY
Jacobs - Quality Department - LA
Jan Press PhotoMedia - NJ
Jewish Federation Of Palm Beach County - FL
JP Morgan Chase - UT
Kaiser Permanente - CA
KB Home - CA
Kimble Chase - NJ
Kingsbury Country Day School - MI
KnowledgePoints, Inc. - OR
Korn/Ferry Company - MN
Korn/Ferry International - CA
Lehman Brothers - GA
Lending Leaders Inc - IL
Lewis-Gale Medical Center - VA
Licking Memorial Hospital - OH
Liquidnet Inc. - NY
Lighting Group NW - WA
Little Rock Air Force Base - AR
LocumTenens - GA
Lowy & Leff, INc. - FL
Luke Air Force Base - AZ
LuLu Trucking, Inc. - FL
Lyle Industries, Inc. - GA
Mandarin Oriental - Washington DC
Marietta Conference Center & Resort - GA
Maxwell Air Force Base - AL
Medical Examiner, City of St. Louis - MO
MetLife - DE
Microchip - AZ
Middletown Adventist Church - MO
Midwest Health Partners - NE
Mission Development - Florida Hosp. - FL
Mississippi Power Company - MS
Mohegan Sun Casino - CT
Montauk Manor - NY
Morgan Stanley - NJ
Motorola - IL
National Building Museum - Washington D.C.
Nikon USA Inc. - NY
Northrop Grumman - VA
Novartis - MA
Novartis - TN


Watch me as I make my
Hand Cut Wooden puzzles
for the local ABC News


Oak State Prod. - IL
Origenes LLC - NY
Party Makers - NY
Patriot Engineering and Environ.Inc - IN
Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. - NE
Pavillion Properties - CA
Peterson Air Force Base - CO
Philadelphia Eagles Football Team - PA
Pine Hurst Resort - NC
Pinkerton Foundation - NY
Pittsburg Majistrate Courts - PA
Pope Air Force Base - NC
Power Systems Inc - TN
Professionaal Transit Management - OH
Public Health Informatics Institute - GA
Pulte Homes "Gallery" - CA
Quest Diagnostics - NJ
Randolph Air Force Base - TX
Raven Wolf Adventure Services LTD - British Columbia
Rayovac Corp. - WI
Redeemer Lutheran Church - MO
Renold Canada Ltd. - Brantford Ontario Canada
Restaurant Concepts II LLC - GA
Ritz Carlton - Buck Head - GA
Rider University - NJ
Robins Air Force Base - GA
Roxy's Sandwich Grille
RSD Marketing - NY
Rural Home - Washington D.C.
Russell Wilson & India Partners - MA
Saddleback Memorial Foundation - CA
Sawmill Creek Resort - OH
Schiff Printing Co. - PA
Scott Air Force Base - IL
Scottsdale Old Town Courtyard - AZ
SEATEC - Emory University - GA
Seattle Art Museum - WA
Seberg Photography - FL
SEK-CAP, Inc. - KS
Senoda Inc - MD
Sheraton Gateway Suites Hotel - IL
Shore Health System of Maryland - MD
SIAC - Rancho Bernardo - CA
Siemans Medical Solutions Diag. - NY
Siemens Shared Services, LLC - FL
Siena Hotel - NV
Sila Resources - IL
Sokoloff Company - CA
Solstice - Capital - CA
Solaris Inc - MA
Soulstice Church - NV
South Carolina Housing - SC
Southern Bells Inc. - IN
Sparling - WA
Spike DDB Advertising - NY
Sport Management Research Ins. - FL
Sports Design - NC
St. Joseph's University Women's Basketball Team - PA
St. Helen's Community FCU - OR

St. Mark Baptist Church - AR
St. Mary Medical Office Building - CA
St. Mary's Cathedral - TN
St. Raphael Catholic School - MI
Stanton & Co. - NY
Stone Construction Equipment - NY
Summit Executive Center - IL
Superior Water Conditioning - FL
Susan Posnick Cosmetics - NY
Susan Posnick Cosmetics - TX
Texas Corn Producers - TX
Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. - NC
Templo Aposento Alto - TX
Texas Corn Producers - TX
The Carlyle Hotel - NY
The Children in the Shoe - MD
The Doings - IL
The Early Show - NY
The Framing Guild II LLC - VA
The Harman Eye Clinic - WA
The Magazine Group / TMG Web - Wash D.C
The Producers Group - CA
The Scranton Times - PA

Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

The Timken Company - OH
The UPS Store - NJ
Thompson West - MN
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans - PA
Ticketmaster - CA
Time For Fun, LLC - PA
TLPJ - District of Columbia
TMI Construction Inc. - CA
TreeHouse Foods - IL
Trimedia Ste. 201 - TX
Triple-E Software - NY
UFCW Local 7 - CO
United Healthcare - NY
Unwin Hydraulic Engineering Ltd. - Derbyshire, UK
University of Notre Dame - IN
US Army - TX
United States Air Force Academy - CO
USDA / NRCS - Washington D. C.
Utica College - NY
Vance Air Force Base - OK
Virginia Beach Schools Federal Credit Union - VA
Vision Bank - AL
Walt Disney World Swan - FL
Waikiki Baptist Church - HI
Walt Disney World Swan - FL
Washington Mutual Bank - IL
Wells Fargo - CA
Wells Fargo - MN
Wells Fargo Treasury Management - MN
White Castle System - OH
Willow Creek Community Church - IL
Woodcrest Chapel - MO
Woody's BBQ - FL
Wright Patterson Air Force Base - OH
Wyckoff YMCA - NJ
Wyndham Vacation Ownership - FL
YellowCello Inc. - WI
YES Network - CT
Yosemite Association - CA

Additional Companies Not listed in alphabetical order..
Lucent Technologies
Langley Air Force base
Act Now Productions - CA
Verizon Wireless
BP Amoco - Texas
Nortel Networks
Perdue Chicken
SAIC - San Diego
The Royal Bank of Canada
Maxwell Air Firf0ce Base
Osram Sylvania
The Hermitage Museum - VA
Taco Bell
American Express
Boeing Aircraft
Oakland Raiders Football Team
American Scandia
NEC Corporation
Bay State Pool Supplies
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Merck Pharmacuticals
McConnell Air Force Base
Aquatic Parts Inc.
Caplan and Earnst
Adventist Healthcare
Orlando Magic Basketball Team
Tinker Air Force Base
McDonalds Corp.
Northwestern College
The Prudential Group
The American Helicopter Association
Arial Botanical Gardens
The Springfield Armory
Uni-Shippers International
Robbins Air Force base
New Orleans Arena Super Dome
United States Air Force - European HQ - Germany
United States Air Force - Pacific HQ Hawaii
Hanscom Air Force Base
NBC Television
Neiderman Inc.
ABC Television
ISDN Productions
Chicago Bears Football Team
Goodfellow Air Force Base
BP Amoco - Illinois
Public Broadcasting Systems - ( PBS - TV )

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Browse recent photographs
and information on my beautiful
Jumbo Sized wooden puzzles on
my NEW tablet and smartphone
friendly 2nd website...
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Personalized Giant Jigsaw Puzzles
Personalized Huge Jigsaw Puzzles
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Personalized Large Jigsaw puzzels
Personalized Big jigsaw Puzzels
Personalized Giant Jigsaw puzzels
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Personalized Big Jigsaw Puzzle Maker
Personalized Large JIgsaw puzzle Maker
Personalized Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Maker
Personalized Huge Jigsaw Puzzle Maker
Personalized Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle Maker
Personalized Large Jigsaw puzzel Maker
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Personalized Big Puzzle Maker
Personalized Large puzzle Maker
Personalized Giant Puzzle Maker
Personalized Huge Puzzle Maker
Personalized Jumbo Puzzle Maker
Personalized Large puzzel Maker
Personalized Big Puzzel Maker
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Custom Made Big Puzzles
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Custom Made Giant Puzzles
Custom Made Huge Puzzles
Custom Made Jumbo Puzzles
Custom Made Large puzzels
Custom Made Big Puzzels
Custom Made Giant puzzels
Custom Made Huge puzzels
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25" 30" 32" 32" 34" 35" 26" 27" 28" 29" 25 inches

26 inches 27 inches 28 inches 29 inches 30 inches 31 inches 32 inches 33 inches 34 inches 35 inches

12 inches 24 inches 20 inches 18 inches 22 inches 24 inches


36" x
37" x
38" x
39" x
40" x
41" x
42" x
43" x
44" x
45" x
46" x
47" x
48" x
49" x
50" x
51" x
52" x
53" x
54" x
55" x
56" x
57" x
58" x
60" x
72" x
84" x
96" x
36 inches x
37 inches x
38 inches x
39 inches x
40 inches x
41 inches x
42 inches x
43 inches x
44 inches x
45 inches x
46 inches x
47 inches x
48 inches x
49 inches x
50 inches x
51 inches x
52 inches x
53 inches x
54 inches x
55 inches x
56 inches x
57 inches x
58 inches x
60 inches x
72 inches x
84 inches x
96 inches x
 2' x
2 feet x
2 foot x
3' x
3 feet x
3 foot x
4' x
4 feet x
4 foot x
5' x
5 feet x
5 foot x
6' x
6 feet x
6 foot x
77 x
7 feet x
7 foot x
8' x
8 feet x
8 foot x

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