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Photo Jigsaw Puzzles


Wedding Guest Book Idea
Marriage Proposal Puzzles

I am honored to have my
unique wedding puzzles
featured in In-Style Magazine's
"125 Personal touches to
make your Wedding Day Special".

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Unique Wedding Guest Book.
Are you looking for a unique and interesting idea as a wedding guest book for your wedding reception and / or rehearsal dinner party? Then consider one of my personalized "Wooden Guest Book Puzzles"

What is a Guest Book Puzzle you ask?

A guest book puzzle is a custom made 1/4 inch thick WOODEN jigsaw puzzle that is hand crafted piece by piece using your personal enlarged engagement photograph (Or any other photo, or photo collage you wish to use) or any romantic art print that you wish to use. The puzzle pieces of these very unique puzzles are rather large, averaging from 2 inches x 2 inches to maybe 4 inches x 4 inches in size (roughly the size of the palm of a hand). The wooden backside of each of the puzzle pieces are hand sanded to be practically as smooth as glass, so that each of your special guests have enough room to comfortably write a sentence or two, plus sign their names.

My guest book puzzles can have as few as 25 pieces or as many as 360 pieces. (see sizes and pricing below ). Your guests are very likely to have NEVER seen something like my wooden puzzles ever before!

One side of the puzzle has a picture of your choice, and the other has everyone's personal comments.

An additional benefit is that people enjoy putting the picture together so much, that they are talking and mingling. My wedding Guest Book puzzle in many ways also assists as an Ice Breaker Exercise too!

Custom Made Wedding Guestbook
Here is an example of a GREAT photo collage.
This one was 20"x34" in size with 140 pieces
Click Here to Enlarge

Puzzles can be as large as
24" x 36" in size!

After you return from your honeymoon, you can take your assembled guest book puzzle to be professionally framed with a clear, removable backing (Plexiglass works well.), so that you can take it off the wall and view the many comments of your guests, at your leisure, as well as when you have gatherings for the holidays or other special family occasions. My puzzles are designed to out live anyone if cared for properly. By adding a removable backing to the frame, you can also take the puzzle out of the frame and solve it again and again over the years.

I have also made my guest book puzzles for... Formal Dinner Parties, Wedding Anniversary celebrations - especially 25th & 50th, Retirement parties, Graduations, First Communions & Confirmations, Bar-Mitzvahs and Bat-Mitzvahs, College and High School Reunions, even large gatherings of close friends.

Wedding Puzzle
Black and White or Color images... are just fine.

Guest Book Puzzles

Custom Wedding Guest Book

My puzzles are made from the finest quality 5-ply Finland Birch wood, and are finely hand cut with blades as thin as hair. These puzzles are designed to last for many generations, making them a true "Family Heirloom"! Your Great Grand Children will be able to enjoy them!

Click Here for a Larger Picture
of the guest book puzzle in progress below.
Unique Ideas for a Wedding Guest Book

Pricing is stated below.
Scroll down the page.

wedding photo collage
Enlarge this Image

The above photo collage puzzle was 18" x 24"
in size with 70 large pieces that people can
write a few sentences on, and sign their name.

Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Guest Book Puzzle Pieces
Not to scale! ---- Click here for actual size image!

This is what the back of the puzzle pieces look like.
Click here
to see these signed pieces at near actual size.

Note the ruler at bottom of this image for size perspective.

The pieces on the left came from a 16"x20" puzzle with 75 pieces. As you vary the physical size of your puzzle, and the total piece count, your puzzle pieces may vary is size from the example shown to the left.

Writing on the back of the puzzle pieces does require the use of a special pen that dries instantly, and does not bleed into the fine wood grain. The pen has available colors of Black, Red or Blue, at a cost of $3.00 each. I recommend one per each 25-30 guests.

A jigsaw puzzle is very much like a persons life. From the day you are born to the day that you die, your life can be captured by a picture puzzle. As you grow from the age of one day old, more and more pieces of your puzzle's picture, start to fall into place piece by piece, creating a seemingly never ending picture of who and what you are.

Your family, relatives, friends, parishioners, co-workers, as well as your hobbies, favorite TV shows, foods, cloths, travels and the many, many other unique interests that you have, all make up the tiny pieces of who you have become. As more pieces are continuously added to your life's picture, you will gradually change and evolve.

When two people care for each other enough to merge their lives to become one, they are also (whether they know it or not) merging their personal picture puzzles together, as each of their lives, past, present and future, now becomes part of the others. The symbolism of this is actually quite amazing when you think that not only are your two lives being directly impacted, but in one way or another, either big or small, the individual pieces that comprise your personal puzzles will feel the changes of your union as well. Those pieces being the people who know each of you, will eventually know each other through your marriage. Meeting one another at your wedding and holiday gatherings as well as, baptisms, birthdays, or at those annual Super bowl Sunday parties.

It is based on this premise that I make my symbolic and unique wooden jigsaw puzzles designed specifically for the purpose of a guest book. The guest book puzzle pieces are large in size, and while the one side of the piece contains an image that you select for your puzzle, the backside of each puzzle piece will eventually contain the signature and a sentence or two from each of your closest friends and family members who attend your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner before the big event. These puzzles are a symbolic gesture that shows each of your guests just how important they have been in your lives, nourishing each of you into who you are on your wedding day and who you will become in the future. They will truly be a part of your life's puzzle.

Wedding Reception Ideas
Enlarge Puzzle Image

Recent Customer Emails...

Hi Mark! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the work you did on our wedding guest book puzzle. I'm sure you do so many that it's tough to keep track - ours was the rush order with my husband stuffing cake into my face. The guest book was such a hit at our reception. Every guest loved the unique idea. I'm passing on your Web site to wedding planner friends. The quality of the puzzle went beyond my limited expectations, and I loved the packaging it arrived in as well. I knew it would look great, but I didn't know how great until I opened the box.

Thank you also for expediting the process. You helped me have one less thing to worry about. We'll be back for more of your puzzles. Keep up the great work!

Take care,
Lyndsey S********
Long Beach, CA

Hello Mark,

Carmen and I just got married on October 20th (Sweetest Day). You made a puzzle out of our engagement photo and it was a big hit at our wedding. Our nieces (ages 6 and 8) job was to go to each of our guests table, and have them sign the back of a puzzle piece. This job made our nieces feel very important, and gave us a completed puzzle which will always have a lifetime of memories on the front and back of it. Thank you for helping make our small wedding very meaningful.

Carmen and Cary B******** - Evanston, IL

A view of the back of a signed puzzle.

Here is the reverse view of a puzzle that I made for a good friend on mine as a retirement gift. A party was thrown in his honor where 84 of the 85 pieces in the puzzle were signed by those in attendance. To see a larger view of this puzzle Click Here.
Unique Guestbook Ideas
Enlarge photo

How to use my Wedding Guest Book Puzzle at your reception...

Way #1) The ideal way to set up the puzzle at the reception is to have a separate table at least a little bigger than twice the size of your assembled puzzle set up with an attendant. The special pens, and the assembled puzzle are placed on the table one of two ways...

a) Image side up - which is nice to show your guests what the puzzle image you selected looks like during the reception.

b) Image side down, make a sense of intrigue, as people do not know what the puzzle image looks like, and adds a bit of a sense of urgency for everyone to sign their puzzle piece so that the completely signed puzzle can be flipped over to reveal the image that you selected for your one of a kind guest book puzzle.

You will also very likely receive quite a number of compliments from your guests, as to their never quite seeing such a unique utilization of a wedding guest book.

As the reception begins, your guests will be instructed to take a piece (Usually from the edge of the puzzle, and work inward) and take a moment to write a couple well wishing sentences and sign their names, on the back side (Wood side - not image side). The then signed puzzle piece is placed adjacent to the unsigned puzzle, basically pealing pieces away from the unsigned puzzle, and reassembling the signed puzzle adjacently.

If you request any special shaped puzzle pieces such as two interlocking hearts, or two interlocking wedding bells for examples, these pieces should be signed by the bride and groom.

Once everyone has signed the puzzle, you can once again see the completed image on the front, and if you wish to flip the puzzle over, you can then display what everyone wrote on the puzzle back. The easiest way to flip the puzzle would be to have two pieces of cardboard / foam core board handy, that are at least as large as the dimensions of the puzzle. Simply sandwich the puzzle in between the boards (like an Oreo cookie), quickly flip it over, and slide the puzzle off of the board, back onto the table, in the upside down position (or downside position, depending on which way you started displaying your puzzle).

At the end of the reception, the puzzle can be disassembled, and stored back in it's sturdy box. If you wish to frame the puzzle when you return from your honeymoon, simply re-assemble the puzzle, and Saran wrap it to a piece of cardboard to be brought to a framer to be professionally framed. Request a clear backing, (1/8" plexiglass) so that the framed puzzle can be viewed front and back.

NOTE: This is the ideal way to use the puzzle at a reception, because you will have all of the pieces located in a small controlled area of your reception. No pieces will accidentally disappear. The puzzle pieces are "not" replaceable if some were to get lost.

Way #2) You can have your bridesmaids/groomsmen walk around during the reception with decorated wicker baskets containing puzzle pieces, and two to three pens each. They will invite people to take a puzzle piece, and write their well wishes and sign their name on a puzzle piece back, and return it to the basket. The Bridesmaids / Groomsmen that do this need to ensure that the collect ALL of the pieces that they handed out.

Once completed, you can either put the puzzle pieces back in their sturdy box, "or" have a table that you can bring all of the pieces too, and allow some of your guests engage in solving the puzzle. Not everyone is into dancing, or all that mobile, so giving some people an opportunity to see, read, and solve the pieces of your puzzle will be very enjoyable for them. More people might want to join in that you would otherwise be aware of.

This is also a great way to verify that all of the puzzle pieces we in fact collected.

Way #3) You can devise your own idea of how to get everyone to sign the puzzle. the above two ways are the only two ways that I have witnessed people using the puzzles. If you come up with another way that you felt worked out well, please let me know about it, and I will be happy to post your information here for others to benefit from.

If you still have questions, you are always welcome to give me a call. 1-860-873-3093

Some Example Guest Book Puzzle image choices.

Unique Guest Books

This small puzzle was used at the Wedding Rehearsal dinner party. Immediate friends and family signed the puzzle.

Custom Guest Book
Enlarge Example
click here

 Custom Made Guest Book

Personalized guest book

Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

guestbook ideas

unique guestbook
NOTE: The fuzzy fog like glare on some of these photos is due to poor lighting angles in our workshop. In January 2003 we purchased a professional lighting setup. All newer examples that we post will appear a lot clearer.

Pricing and Sizing
of your custom made wooden
Guest book puzzle

Number of

Number of Pieces

Usually representative of 60% to 80% of your total guest count as some people will sign as couples.
The basis for the piece count in this column is approximately 70% of your total guest count.

Minimum Size

Based on approximately
3 square inches
of image area
"per" Puzzle Piece

Maximum Size
Recommended for larger puzzle pieces which allow for more writing space on the back of each puzzle piece.

You may select any size image that is in between the minimum and maximum sizes listed.

of cutting your

Custom Cut Wooden
Guest Book Puzzle

25 wedding guests

20 piece puzzle

11" x 14"

12" x 16"


40 wedding guests

30 piece puzzle

11" x 14"

16" x 20"


50 wedding guests

35 piece puzzle

11" x 14"

16" x 20"


65 wedding guests

45 piece puzzle

12" x 16"

16" x 20"


80 wedding guests

55 piece puzzle

12" x 16"

16" x 20"


100 wedding guests

70 piece puzzle

16" x 20"

18" x 24"


wedding guest book

wedding guestbook

wedding guest books

wedding guestbooks

wedding reception guest book

110 wedding guests

80 piece puzzle

16" x 20"

20" x 30"


125 wedding guests

90 piece puzzle

16" x 24"

20" x 30"


135 wedding guests

95 piece puzzle

16" x 24"

20" x 30"


150 wedding guests

105 piece puzzle

18" x 24"

20" x 30"


165 wedding guests

115 piece puzzle

18" x 24"

20" x 30" or 24" x 36"


180 wedding guests

125 piece puzzle

18" x 24"

20" x 30" or 24" x 36"


200 wedding guests

140 piece puzzle

20" x 30"

24" x 36"


220 wedding guests

155 piece puzzle

20" x '30"

24" x 36"


240 wedding guests

170 piece puzzle

20" x 30"

24" x 36"


260 wedding guests

185 piece puzzle

20" x 30"

24" x 36"


280 wedding guests

200 piece puzzle


24" x 36"


300 wedding guests

210 piece puzzle


24" x 36"


Larger Puzzles
are Available.
Click Here

wedding guestbook

Larger Puzzles
are Available.
Click Here

wedding guestbooks

Larger Puzzles
are Available.
Click Here

* The above prices are based on puzzles made using enlarged pictures or fine art prints, that you send to me, in their "actual" size for your custom puzzle order. Photographic images MUST be printed on KODAK, Fuji or Epson photographic paper!!

-- Orders should be placed a MINIMUM of 10-14 Days ahead of the date of your occasion. When ever possible, we can accomodate rush orders filled within 1-3 business days. If you do need your order completed in a RUSH? Click Here! I WILL accommodate shorter notice RUSH orders when ever possible.

Additional Fees that may, or may not, apply to your puzzle order, include be the following services.

1) Scanning / Printing fee for images sent to me A) via e-mail, on a Zip Disc / CD ROM, or B) from pictures and negatives sent to me, or C) selected off of this web site, that need to be scanned and/or re-printed. All Printing up to 24" x 40" is done right here in our shop. The finest quality Achival Paper is used, along with 200 year rated fade resistent inks, and all images are printed at a resolution of 720dpi, which is wonderful and crisp color.

2) Connecticut residents pay 6% Sales Tax - All other US states are Tax Free - International orders are not taxed by the US, however you are responsible for any import tariffs placed on the puzzle order from your country's customs officials.

3) Shipping and handling Information.

4) Extra Prints of your photo enlargement, are available in a variety of sizes, as extra prints.

5) I have a special pen that I recommend you use to sign the wooden puzzle backs. They are available in BLACK, RED and BLUE, and cost $3.00 each. I suggest that you order at least ONE pen for every 20-25 guests. (If you have 125 people at your wedding, it would take forever for them to all share using just 1 pen, but by using 5-6 pens, ALL of your guests will be able to sign the puzzle in less then an hour.) This special pen is Guaranteed for long lasting permanence because it is a "pigment Ink" pen that is instant drying and non bleeding. It writes wonderfully, and you can use it for years to come to write notes on the back of your family photographs or other keepsake type documents.

For More Details on Pricing of
LARGER Guest Book Puzzles...
and additional optional services...
Click Here!

Are you sending me a photograph of your own for your puzzle? Great! Give me a call FIRST, so that we can determine the best size for your enlarged image to be made into. Once your enlargement is made, send it directly to me in a VERY strong shipping tube with your name, address and phone number enclosed.(If you can not stand on the shipping tube without crushing it, it is NOT strong enough to ship me your image) I will then professionally mount and laminate your special picture onto my premium grade 5 ply puzzle wood, and hand carve it into your designated number of puzzle pieces. Once completed the backs of the pieces are sanded to be nearly as smooth as polished glass. Your puzzle is then taken apart, numbered and and signed, (Each is a one of a kind collectible as well) and placed into it's personal strong puzzle box lined with tissue paper. UPS or FedEx will then deliver it directly to your home or office. It is that simple!

On your wedding day, designate your bridesmaids and / or groomsmen to take a couple of 15 minute shifts to oversee the table where your guests will sign the back of each of your puzzle pieces during the reception cocktail hour. I recommend that you set your guest book puzzle on a table of its own near the entrance area. Make sure the table is at least twice the size of your puzzle. START with displaying the complete solved puzzle, picture size up... then as each of your guests removes a piece of the un-signed puzzle to sign it, you can neatly re-assemble the "signed" puzzle pieces next to the one you started with. After all your guests have signed a puzzle piece, you are left with a once again COMPLETE puzzle for all to admire. By using this approach, you will also be able to notice if any pieces have grown legs, and walked off with any of your guests.

I am also very sure that quite a number of your guests will find your unique guest book "puzzle" to be a highlight to the beginning of your wedding reception.

interesting wedding idea

50th Wedding Anniversary
Guest Book Puzzle.
16"x20" with about 75 pieces.

wedding reception idea

A great fall foliage portrait although I did not photograph this puzzle after it was cut, this is a wonderful example of a great image.

rehearsal dinner idea

A symbolic lighthouse photograph was used in this wonderful 18" x 24"puzzle with about 80 pieces.

wedding reception guest book

One of the larger size puzzles, this puzzle actually has the date of the wedding cut into the puzzle (see above her watch) and their names cut into the puzzle above their heads. This puzzle was about 2 feet by 3 feet, and had well over 150 pieces in it.

Some comments I have received from customers who have ordered my Wedding Guest Book Puzzles™.

Hi Mark!

I received the wooden puzzle in time for my wedding. It made it safely to Hawaii, and everyone had a blast signing the back of the puzzle. I had to copy your business card; lots of people were asking for it at the wedding. It turned out better than I expected.

Thanks for being so prompt and accommodating, and for such a beautiful product!

Judy -

 Hi Mark,

Thanks for your wedding puzzle, it worked out wonderfully and many people told me what a great idea it was. Many people also admired your work and the detail of the cuts. The heart figure was great too, Sylvia and I signed that one together and put that piece in last after all the other pieces were assembled.

Thanks again for all that you have done. I'll will eventually put the wedding on my home page so that you can see it as well. cheers,

Robert - Alberta, Canada

"Hi Mark,

Well, Ralph loved his puzzle. He actually got a little emotional about it. About 60 people attended the reception and all were fascinated and very impressed with your puzzle craftsmanship. People kept sifting through the little pieces. I hope they are all still there! We checked the floor really well after the party to make sure that no pieces were on the floor. Ralph has promised to put it together soon and bring it in for all of us to see. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job!

Sue B." - Tustin, California


I just wanted to thank you for my order. I ordered a puzzle to be done for my brother and now sister-in-law's wedding guest book. It was a complete surprise, and they loved it! The guests thought it was quite original, too.

Thanks for adding another special touch to an already wonderful wedding!

Sherry S


The puzzle was a HUGE hit! It arrived in the nick of time and was beautifully boxed and protected. Everyone has asked where we got it and I'm handing out your web address left and right! Thanks again for making our "Big Day" such a wonderful experience for all our guests!

Jeana and Marcus
San Diego, Ca.

Mark, ... (This was a Phone Call from a wedding reception hall pay phone!)

I just had to call you to tell you that I am at Karen S...'s wedding reception, and I am in tears over the puzzle you made form them. It is beautiful. What a powerful symbol it represents for their wedding day. It is also the must unique thing I have seen at any wedding I have ever attended. I think I have been too at least 20 weddings in my life. You do beautiful work Mark. I am not just speaking for me, but for a lot of people here today. Thank you for making Karen's wedding an extra special day for me.


I want to THANK YOU for helping to make my in law's 50th anniversary a special event. The puzzle was waiting at the hotel when I arrived on Thursday afternoon.

We received MANY compliments on the idea itself. We had elected to not put it together but instead have everyone sign and my inlaws, who are avid puzzle people, put it together themselves. With all the stuff going on, I'm happy to note that none of the pieces got misplaced. Unfortunately though, a few of the elderly guests couldn't decipher visually the difference between front and back and we have 3 names on the front of the puzzle (including the minister who married them 50 years ago!). Dad says he'll simply forge their names on the back and repair the front.

My inlaws kept the cards you sent and I know of one person who is definitely going to place an order. Others were asking for information as well so hopefully this will generate even more business your way.

Again, thank you soooo much and I look forward to working with you on future needs!


** Read More Comments **
from people who have
ordered my custom cut puzzles.

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