Here are some of the comments that I
have received over the years.

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My son's wedding was this past week-end and I wanted you to know how much our guests enjoyed the customized/ wedding book puzzle you made for us! We saved the puzzle for the "Get Away Brunch" on the morning after the wedding

. Our young nieces and nephews put most of the puzzle together, and created quite a buzz which resulted in other guests coming over to the table to see what was going on. All who participated had great fun completing the puzzle and many took the opportunity to sign the back of a specially chosen puzzle piece. Everyone commented on the quality of the puzzle and your creative cutting of the pieces. The two connecting hearts were very special, as was the fact that by hand cutting the puzzle, you could create a piece that preserved my son and his bride's mouths, ears etc. Thank you very much for creating a beautiful keepsake for us to give to our son and new daughter. I can imagine their enjoying the puzzle for many years to come! Mark, you are most creative and we love the result of your labors! Thanks again for taking such good care of us!

Warm regards, Sandy

Dear Mark,

Wow! The puzzle came today. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my upcomming proposal something we will remember for the rest of our lives. The puzzle and all the thought and consideration you put into your product is more than I ever expected. It is truly beautiful. Thank you very much.


Adam G.


What a great puzzle! The guests at my wedding were thrilled of your unique idea for a guest book, and loved the fun they had with signing and solving the puzzle. It was a highlight of our reception. The pieces were all so smooth and every one was unique looking. Thank you so much Mark.


Thank You for being able create the puzzle in such short notice.  It contributed to a great weekend. 
Vance -

Hi Mark!

I received the wooden puzzle in time for my 10/04/03 wedding. It made it safely to Hawaii, and everyone had a blast signing the back of the puzzle. I had to copy your business card; lots of people were asking for it at the wedding. It turned out better than I expected.

Thanks for being so prompt and accomodating, and for such a beautiful product!



I was just thinking to myself, I don't know if I ever emailed you about the wonderful puzzle you made me for my proposal. My fiancee is still shocked on how I set up this proposal. She did not see it coming, in fact, she was so shocked she couldn't say a word but just cry. I wanted to thank you again for the puzzle you made me coming up on a year ago. If you need a reference, or anything, I would be more than happy to help you. Again, I thank you for the excellent piece of work. Take Care Mark!!

Warm Regards,

Chris H


I was absolutely delighted with both the puzzles. they were really well
made and my husband was thrilled and very emotional about his present as he
loves his grandchildren so much and this gives him something to leave them
when he has gone! (rather a morbid thought at the moment!)

As for the wedding puzzle i haven't used it yet it is a surprise for my
daughter for her wedding shortly. i can't wait to see her face and all the
other guests when they see the unusual guest book. i loved the heart shapes
etc. i will display your card with the puzzle on the day as a few of my
daughter's friends are getting married this year, not that i think you need
any more work. i am sure that you have all the orders you need.

Thank you ever so much, i am more than delighted. i will let you know after
the event the comments made!

Kind regards



I just had to send you a message to say THANK YOU! for rushing the 50th Anniversary Puzzle for my parent's party on Saturday. It arrived on Friday and was a BIG hit! (The Grandkids helped Grandma and Grandpa assemble the puzzle on Sunday). They were very impressed - I'm so glad I found out about your website. Would you mind if I mentioned that I found you at the Party411 chat room? I'm sure there are other's planning similar events that would like the information.... Thanks again!!



I received the puzzle today and it looks GREAT! It's perfect for what I
want to do with my team and you did such an awesome job. I work for a
Destination Management Company and we are always looking for unique and
unusual amenities and such, do you have a corporate price list that you
could send me to share with the other sales managers in my office?

Thanks once again; I am so grateful for your high level of service,


Hello Mark,

Your puzzle was waiting for me when I arrived at work this morning. Thank you for your fast service, and the convenience of getting your puzzle at my work, and not at home where my wife would see it arrive.

This is the first wooden jigsaw puzzle I have ever bought, and I can't tell you how excited I am to give it to my wife. The shaped pieces look great.



You are too much. I can't believe you made this puzzle by hand. How do you make such incredibly detailed, intricate cuts? Your blade must be no thicker than hair. WOW! Each piece has an artistic look all it's own. All I can say is Amazing!

Thank you so much. My mother is just going to fall in love with working on this puzzle on Mothers Day.


Hi Mark,

You did a great job with the 8x10 puzzle for my 90-year old aunt's birthday.  She completed it last night and called from California to say how many memories the ship scene brought back for her.  Thanks for a job well done.

Antoinette H.


Received puzzle on Friday in time for my proposal. It all went very well as I planned. She said Yes and loved the puzzle and the extra effort that I put into doing the proposal. The puzzle turned out excellent. She loved it!!! Thanks much and I will tell all my friends of the great job you did on my puzzle.

Lorenzo A.


I just finished solving my first puzzle made by you. You are either a genius, or marginally insane. What kind of mind is able to create such an amazing puzzle boggles my mind. Congratulations on your obvious success!



We received your puzzle a few weeks ago, and we are Thrilled & Amazed! It is a beautiful puzzle. We did not know what we were to expect, and it was a wonderful surprise and experience. We are so pleased with your work. Now to talk to you about a larger 700-800 piece puzzle, and to think up more special pieces for the puzzle. Thank you.

Zan S.

I want to THANK YOU for helping to make my inlaw's 50th anniversary a special event. The puzzle was waiting at the hotel when I arrived on Thursday afternoon.

We received MANY compliments on the idea itself. We had elected to not put it together but instead have everyone sign and my inlaws, who are avid puzzle people, put it together themselves. With all the stuff going on, I'm happy to note that none of the pieces got misplaced. Unfortunately though, a few of the elderly guests couldn't decipher visually the difference between front and back and we have 3 names on the front of the puzzle (including the minister who married them 50 years ago!). Dad says he'll simply forge their names on the back and repair the front.

My inlaws kept the cards you sent and I know of one person who is definitely going to place an order. Others were asking for information as well so hopefully this will generate even more business your way.

Again, thank you soooo much and I look forward to working with you on future needs!


Hi Mark:

Now that the dust has settled, I wanted to get back to you, and again thank you for all your help last week. The puzzle was a big hit, everyone had a blast with it! It is such a high quality item, many people commented on it.

We love it, we were reading what people wrote today.

Thanks again, and thanks for making it happen on such a short timeline!!

Next time I will know how to use Photo Shop(thanks for the lesson), so I should get it to you in plenty of time.

Take care.

Best regards,

Neal & Peggy Fleisher


Coleen S. here I just want to thank you very much for getting my puzzle done and out to me like you said you would. I would also like to tell you that it came out beautiful. It is so cool and I will be buying more puzzles from you in the future. Your work is wonderful the precision and time you must take on each piece alot of workmenship goes into each puzzle and each piece. Thank you again I love it and so will the person I give it to.



Thank you SO MUCH for the looks amazing and we are SO pleased with it!! We cannot get over how wonderful it is...and the extra miniature version of it is hilarious!! We're trying to think of a fun way to work with it!!

Thank you again for this...I've already been passing around your cards - people on staff think it's a great Christmas present idea! We so appreciate all of your hard work and careful attention to our project!

Thanks again!

Jennifer -


The puzzle arrived at 9:50 am Friday, Aug 8th! It is packaged beautifully and I am sure will keep the marriage challenged along with sanilty! Thank you for the extra push to get it here on time. I am sure the recipients will treasure it.


Mark, ... (This was a Phone Call from a wedding reception hall pay phone!)

I just had to call you to tell you that I am at Karen S...'s wedding reception, and I am in tears over the puzzle you made form them. It is beautiful. What a powerful symbol it represents for their wedding day. It is also the must unique thing I have seen at any wedding I have ever attended. I think I have been too at least 20 weeddings in my life. You do beautiful work Mark. I am not just speaking for me, but for a lot of people here today. Thank you for making Karen's wedding an extra special day for me.



Thank you so much for the wonderful puzzle you made for me. My girlfriend was completely caught by surprise when I handed her the last peice of the puzzle asking her to marry me. She immediately said yes.

Your unique craftsmandship and amazing quality puzzle made our marriage proposal moment one that we will always remember.

She is already off to the local frame shop to get it framed.

Thank you so much!



We received the first puzzle of the two we ordered. It looks amazing. We really appreciate you making the special arrangement to have it delivered to us in assembled sections. so that we do not have to take hundreds of hours to put together this huge 2,000 piece puzzle. Our staff will enjoy this puzzle.

We can't wait to get the 2nd puzzle next week.



Your puzzle arrived this afternoon. When I opened the box I was very impressed with the quality of your craft. I was impressed by your web site, and the images I saw there, however they do not do your puzzles justice when I see a puzzle in person.

You are quite an artist. Keep up the terriffic work.


Hi Mark

Both puzzles went to my mom. She loved the photo one and finished it quickly. She's working on the fish one [Clowning Around]... so far all I've heard is her comment that someone has a "sick sense of humor" (which means she likes it :)

Thanks again for doing them so quickly for me.
Happy new year!



The puzzle was a HUGE hit! It arrived in the nick of time and was beautifully boxed and protected. Everyone has asked where we got it and I'm handing out your web address left and right! Thanks again for making our "Big Day" such a wonderful experience for all our guests!

Jeana and Marcus
San Diego, Ca.


I just wanted to thank you for my order. I ordered a puzzle to be done for my brother and now sister-in-law's wedding guest book. It was a complete surprise, and they loved it! The guests thought it was quite original, too.

Thanks for adding another special touch to an already wonderful wedding!

Sherry S


The two puzzles I ordered for my grandchildren were wonderful. Cynthia is going into 8th grade, and just loved her puzzle. She initially found it to be quite a challenge. She said that you have clever cut pieces in the puzzle, something about the colors not quite matching up the way someone would anticipate. She loved the challenge. (My note... 210 piece puzzle was ordered)

The other smaller puzzle for Michael was just as wonderful. He loved the special shaped pieces of the dog, and the little boy fishing. Thank you so much, and I look forward to ordering more for the holiday season.

We are true fans of your work.

Lisa L.

Thanks for the WONDERFUL puzzle. My wife spent the entire weekend working on it, and I even got to play a round of golf with my friends without her minding at all. The puzzle looks incredible. How in the world do you cut them? Have you ever cut your fingers? keep up the great work.

James M

Mark, We are up here in northern Minnesota, at our family's cabin. It appears that one of our relatives left one of your puzzles here for us to enjoy. It is the most interesting and challenging puzzle any of us had ever seen. When we were not out at the river fishing or boating, we were all around the table working on your puzzle. it took seven of us the entire week to solve it. figuring that we all spent two to three hours per day working on it for 7 days, it took us somewhere between 98 & 147 man hours to solve this 1,419 piece puzzle. What a beautiful picture. I would like to order one for my home, but with a different picture. Please contact me so that we can get started on this. .... I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nancy H


Thanks for the great puzzle. I had a fun time putting it together. Your mind works in mysterious ways.

Jill D


Sorry to cause you so much grief with tracking my puzzle order. It turns out that FedEx had a replacement driver who left the package at my side door. I never saw it there.

I have not worked the puzzle yet, however just looking at the pieces, I can tell I am in for a unique experience. The shaped pieces look great. Thanks so much. Now off to start my puzzle.

Lynn R


We hope you have a nice vacation with your family, and that your wife is coming along well with her pregnancy. It sure has been hot this last week.

We all appreciate your shipping out the puzzle before you left for your vacation. It arrived on Saturday, and the kids, my wife and I all enjoyed a quality family time together. Our kids did their best to stay awake as the clock ticked past midnight, but one by one they all crashed out on the couch and easy chairs. Sally and I finished the puzzle around 2:15am, but then took apart about 50 pieces of the puzzle so that when the kids woke up in the morning, they could get the satisfaction of putting in that last piece.

Thanks for a beautifully cut puzzle. We look forward to adding more to our collection of one.


Paul and Sally W.

Dear Mark,

Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed the puzzle. My wife put it together in about an hour which is what I wanted it to take. we had a wonderful time on the surprise cruise. Thank you for helping to make this a very special birthday surprise.

Fred B.


Thanks again. The proposal went great, she said yes, and the puzzle was a
big hit -- it was even more attractive and challenging then I had imagined.
The ring and attached piece served two purposes:

-As part of the treasure hunt, I had a few numbers written on a board that
she assembled the pieces on. One of the numbers was showing through in the
spot left by the missing pieces, corresponding to the envelope and
directions for the last stage of the hunt
-I put the ring piece in a ring box when I proposed to her.



We received the puzzle a few days ago, and I have been meaning to write you.

I thought that there was no way a small 55 piece puzzle would take me more than 20-30 minutes to solve. Your puzzle (Clowning Around) took me and my wife just over two hours to finally complete. We enjoyed it thoroughly, but somehow we feel spatially inadequate. It was an experience I will not soon forget.

Joel - Connecticut


Hello, this is Mitch ****** writing to you. I just received the puzzle you
made for me so i can propose to my soon to be wife, Miriam. I just wanted to
tell you that I received it today as promised. I also decided to put it
together since I was home from work before Miriam. I had about 2 and a half
hours before Miriam got home from work. Well, It took me about 2 hours to
put it together. Since this is the first puzzle I got from you I didn't think
it would be that difficult. But it came out better than I even imagined.
Also the pieces that you cut specifically for me like the key with the heart
and the dog(Chihuahua) came out awesome. Also your judgment as to where to put the words "Miriam will you marry me" was great. Well i quickly took the
puzzle apart and hid it just before she got home from work. It was a close
call. I will be proposing on Tuesday night. That is our 2 year anniversary.
I will let you know what happens but I am not worried about the answer from

Again I want to thank you for doing such a great job on the puzzle and for
all your help.

MITCH - Long Island, New York


I just got my puzzle and I am sitting here working it, and man I want to tell you this is awesome. You did a wonderful job man. I sure appreciate it. I don't see how she could not say yes when she completes the puzzle. The quality is far beyond what I expected. I just want you to know that I certainly appreciate it. I am glad that I found out about you. I will certainly be referring a lot of people to you. Thanks. Have a good day man.

Richard O.


I want to apologize for taking so long to get back to you. The wedding puzzle was fantastic!! My wife, Margot, was completely surprised and amazed. I also want to thank you for having the puzzle delivered to us in Turks and Caicos. We worked on it every night and had it completed before we came home. We look forward to working with you again in the near future. Thanks again!!

Jeff and Margot

Hey Mark,

Your puzzle was waiting for me when I got in from work last night. Holy Cow! When I talked with you about how you cut the puzzles, you said that you make them all by freehand, and that you do not use computers or a template. I had a hard time imagining how you did that. I still don't know how you do it, but after staying up until 3:10 am to finish my puzzle this morning, I came to the conclusion that you are once sick man! How in the world does your mind think up such insanely difficult cuts? There were times I spent 10 or more minutes to find a piece that I thought had a rather unique shaped interlock, only to find that you split it.. I cursed you under my breath each time!

The clincher of it all was that the last piece I put in the puzzle was an edge piece!!!! - You need to put a patent on your brain! It takes a special mind to cut a puzzle like this. I am glad that I found your web site, and that I bought this puzzle, and I look forward to buying more of your tauntingly challenging puzzles as my savings account permits (ha ha).

You have a happy customer here in San Diego.

Sincerely tormented,

James C. - San Diego, CA

Hey Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that all went great last night. She was totally
surprised !!

The puzzle was great and the heart with the key and the dog cuts were
unbelievable. If you want to use it in your website by all means let me know
and we would be more than happy to have it on your website. Also, do you
have the original picture i sent you? Since Miriam wants the picture back.
Let me know. thanks again and maybe we will do the puzzle favors for the

Long Island NY


Once again, I want to commend you on your excellent work. The puzzle you
crafted for me far exceeded my expectations. The quality of the
workmanship is incredible and the presentation equally as great. I'm sure
my soon to be fiancee will love it as much as I do. Thanks for pulling
this all together so quickly.

I would recommend your services to anybody looking for a unique and special
gift. Please feel free to have potential customers contact me in the
future and I'll be glad to pass on more good words.


Jason. W. - Canada


One word sums up my thoughts on this puzzle you made us. WOW!

Your web site does not do your puzzle justice. It is many times nicer in person than I perceived it would be. You also really got us with those trick cuts!

I have posted 3 more art prints to you today, to be made into puzzles over the next month or so. Please send them to me as you complete them. I feel like a kid at Christmas, I can't wait for the first one to arrive.

God Bless

Randy K. - Seattle, WA



I received the puzzle via Federal Express yesterday. You did a great job, I really love it and cannot wait until it is put together. Thank you so much for getting it done so quickly and doing such a nice job. I'm sure everyone will love it!

Nicole D.


Thank you so much for your help in creating a puzzle for my Mother this past Mother's Day.

We were just taken back by how intricate the puzzle pieces are. It is breath taking to work such a great puzzle. The pieces feel so nice, and fit together like perfection.

Your talent for puzzle making is truly a unique form of art. Keep up the great work.

Mary C. - La Jolla, California


My girlfriend adores her Teddy Bear Puzzle you sent us last month. It was a wonderful time for us to put together. It took us quite a while, but we enjoyed every moment of it. You fooled us several times with your trick cuts. Nice!

I look forward to ordering another puzzle from you as we approach the holidays.

Jim M - Durham, NC

Thank you so much for helping Scott C. create the very unique engagement puzzle. (Yes - I accepted). We got engaged over Labor Day weekend and I must tell you that I had absolutely NO CLUE. Which is unusual, because Scott is not usually very creative and he can't keep a secret from me. I absolutely loved the puzzle. Now we are planning a very intimate wedding to be held on June 29 at a chateau in beautiful Yosemite,CA. Since his family is Jewish and mine Catholic we are having a very unique ceremony with only grandparents, parents, brothers & sisters (and their kids). I would like to create a simple puzzle for each of them as the wedding invitation. hey - if they can't figure the puzzle out, maybe we don't want them to come anyway :) Our families have come to expect the unusual from us - so this invitation puzzle will just be the flair they expect. What is your quote for a 12-20 piece puzzle (easy)? I will need to order 7 of them (1 is for us as a keepsake). I can send you the digital image or a photo, whichever you prefer. I would need to send these out in the beginning of April. Thanks again.

Jennifer W - California

Hello Mark,

I received my puzzle yesterday and it looks great! Thanks for all of your help and assistance. Everyone here at work that I've shown it to is so amazed and has asked for you name and number. I didn't receive the photo back however and I may need it back before she notices that it's missing from her photo album. If you could send it when you have time to the same address as the puzzle, I would greatly appreciate it. Again, thank you and keep up the excellent work.

Andy C - Mobile, AL


I just wanted to let you know that the puzzles arrived today and I think they are amazing!! I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for all your hard work on the them. I may need some more done in the future and would use you again in a heartbeat.

Michael C. - London Ontario - Canada


Wanted to say thanx for the puzzle. I loved it...and Heather thought it was absolutely incredible. The workmanship was far more superior than I ever would have imagined.

I'm getting two more pictures together to send off to you as gifts for other people.

Christopher S. - Auburn, GA

Just a quick note to let you know the puzzle arrived safely and my mom absolutely loves it! She is bringing it up to the vineyard tomorrow and I'm sure will sit down and try to do it all in one go. I'm glad I found your website and will definitely recommend to anyone your products as they are fun, creative, and make great gifts. Thanks again.

Brian L.

PA - Please, if you are ever in Napa Valley let me know. If it is "off the beaten path" that you and your wife enjoy, you will truly appreciate our Family's Vineyards.


We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the puzzle you made. Liz, my fiancee, for whom I bought the puzzle as a birthday gift, had a lot of fun putting it together. The pieces are absolutely beautiful!

The only question we have is why the piano is backwards?! Seriously, thanks very much for your work. I am sure we will become regular customers (as funds permit!)

All the best,
Randy B - New York City

Hi Mark!

My name is Todd Jones and you made an engagement puzzle for me back in February/March of this past year. I even came to visit you at your house and toured your work area. It was the puzzle where I took the picture of "Liz will you marry me?" written in the sand on the beach in Old Saybrook.
Well, I already thanked you for doing such a great job, but I wanted to thank you again. The proposal was fantastic. We completed the puzzle on March 20, which was the first day of spring. She smothered me with kisses and the rest is history. I framed the puzzle and we look at it often. (I am even considering having one made for the reception sign in book.) Liz
and I are getting married on July 29, 2000, and we have been busy getting things organized. I really couldn't be happier.

I just happened to check out your website again because I had it book marked from before. I like the changes you have made. I know you pride yourself on keeping the site up to date.

Well, I just wanted to say thanks again and congratulations on such a successful business. You really have a great thing going and keep up the good work.

I have passed out all of the business cards you provided me with when I got the puzzle and a few other people have asked about them. I have given them your website address, but if you want to mail me a dozen more business cards, I would be happy to pass them on to prospective customers.

Todd J.


Mark, I received the puzzle this morning and wanted to thank you. The quality of it (although I have not assembled it) is quite good and certainly better than I had anticipated. Your expedience is greatly appreciated.

Also, I showed it to several co-workers and your business cards are gone. If you wouldn't mind, you might put a few more in the mail for me. They will
definitely produce some results.

Again, thank you!!!

Mark W.


Your puzzle is absolutely wonderful! I thought your wedding proposal idea was unique and nice, and knew my girlfriend loved puzzles, but this puzzle you made me is simply stunning. I never imagined that a puzzle could ever look and feel this nice.

Thanks for an amazing job! I'll be sure to order another puzzle soon. I already have ideas about what image to use to have you make us a guest book puzzle for the wedding reception!

Good luck and success to you and your amazing business.

Barry F. - Connecticut


Thank you so much for the wonderful painting, and for getting it to me so fast. I have always loved
Jane's work, and am so happy to have my first piece in my home. I can't wait to get it framed. I'll be telling my friends about your great site.

Martha - New York

Hi Mark

Just a note to let you know that the puzzle has just arrived (I've already played with it). It's fantastic and I'm sure my brother will be delighted with it. I'm mightily impressed with not just the puzzle but also the presentation. It's very, very special.

Again, MANY THANKS for all your trouble and effort.

Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year

Sue - Australia



I got the "Ontario" puzzle from you a few days ago and put it together last night. GREAT JOB! Quite a challenging little piece of art. My father will be thrilled when he receives it at Christmas. Have a great holiday season. I will certainly spread the word about your talent and look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks again for a fine job.

Pete S. - Southern NJ


I just received your puzzle from my mail room staff, and opened it. All I can say is AMAZING! My co-workers and I are simply amazed at how you could possibly make these pieces so intricate. The cuts are so precise, and the Figurals are just wonderful. My wife is going to love this puzzle.

Thank you so much for an amazing job. I can't wait to order my next one!

Richard B. - Virginia

PS. Send me more of your business cards for my co-workers!


Sorry we haven't had a chance to call you and tell you what a fabulous job you did on our parents 45th anniversary puzzle. Every time I think about giving you a call it's at least 11:30 pm your time.

My parents were thrilled with the gift and it arrived in time for their party so all the guests could see. I really appreciate your willingness to make the short deadline. I see they are now famous on your web page which I'm sure they are thrilled about! It is also nice since my husband and I didn't get a chance to see the finished product. Thanks again - not only do you have a great product, but excellent customer service as well! Keep up the good work!

Robin and Mark

Sunnyvale, Calif - Web Directory

MGC's Wooden Jigsaws
Mark will carve any personalized puzzle
for you with his own hands.
His collection of advanced puzzles
will blow any foam 3D puzzle out of the
water. A 400-piece puzzle costs about
$500 -- pricey but worth it.

(Quoted from their puzzle directory)

Mark, I just received my custom wedding proposal jigsaw, and I find it very hard to describe in words the amazing quality of this puzzle. It truly was a work of art.

I wanted to give the puzzle to my girlfriend as a Christmas gift. Mark was booked solid with the Christmas rush, but he was nice enough to squeeze my puzzle in. He knew exactly how much this meant to me. I will definitely be buying other puzzles from him and be recommending him non-stop. I feel this short paragraph doesn't do him just.

Matt R. - California

PS. Feel free to put this message on your feed back page.


My girlfriend said yes! Thanks again for your great puzzle!!



Verdict: YES!!!

My girlfriend loved the Kim Anderson puzzle you cut up for her and the idea of the missing "Lisa, will you marry me?" piece could not have been more perfect. I proposed to her on the beach at Tybee Island, Georgia, which is off the coast of Savannah. If you get a chance, check this site out:

Some guy who was passing by took a picture of us right before I gave her the puzzle and proposed. He posted the picture on his web page.

Thanks for all your help and most importantly your outstanding work. You made this a moment my fiance will never forget. Hopefully, we can do a puzzle for the wedding sometime next year.

Take care,


Thanks for sending me one of your new puzzle boxes. After finally getting this puzzle together, however, I am somewhat reluctant to take it apart.

The puzzle was great, a lot of fun to put together, and did not know where or how to start it. We enjoyed the special figure pieces and the surprises you added. The fish that assembled separately and fit into the puzzle with a hook in its mouth was very clever. The irregular edge border made the puzzle more interesting and very challenging. We appreciated the extra pieces that you cut. That size is definitely what we will order in the future. (850 pcs.) Thanks. Please let us know when you are having another sale.

Best regards,

Leon W. - Rochester, NY.


Dear Mark:

The puzzle of "Mona Lisa" arrived yesterday in good shape, and it looks loverly. Thanks for all your work and appreciate your keeping in touch, your timeliness and especially your going the extra mile to create a custom product for my son. He is a trainer in Honolulu and will be using it for his sessions, although I don't know exactly how he intends to use it.

I'm interested that one piece was in a separate plastic bag. Is that your signature piece, or what significance is there to that?

If it weren't for the wonderful Internet I would never have found you so it's truly amazing.

Aloha and thanks,

Doris S - Hilo, Hawaii 1999

Hi Mark-
They're beautiful! I couldn't imagine cutting them into a puzzle! Although I'm sure they would still be beautiful, and probably a lot of fun too, hmmm, maybe....

Anyway, I may have to hurt you for sending those pictures of more prints. I've already found two that I simply MUST have. The pictures on your web page give a good idea but they don't really show the vibrancy of her prints. Thanks for the catalog.

I'm really looking forward to getting my puzzles. It will be my after Christmas treat, maybe even a birthday present, depending on when you get to them.

Have a great holiday!

Gretchen - Vermont 1999


We just got back from Wisconsin! The puzzle was an amazing hit! Lauren's son, Chris, was with us for the first two days and the two of them put it together and I don't know who had more fun, they putting it together or me watching them put it together. Chris said it was the most awesome puzzle he had ever seen. When they finished it, I showed off your work by picking it up in one piece -- it is a rather dramatic effect! When Chris left, I quickly (actually, not so quickly!) took it apart so it would be ready for my father to put together when he arrived.

It kept Dad busy for a week! He was so proud of it when he finished and I was relieved that he did finish before he had to leave! My sister and I kept sneaking in a piece here and there when he wasn't looking just so that he would have the pleasure of finishing. Mark, it is a REALLY good puzzle and the perfect degree of difficulty. Lauren and Chris would let out a laugh every once in awhile when they discovered a tricky little corner or a particularly good cut. What fun!

I am giving a lot of thought to that Christmas puzzle -- God, I'll be in the poor house! Hope to talk to you soon.

Patsy - Chicago, IL

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your wedding puzzle, it worked out wonderfully and many people told me what a great idea it was. Many people also admired your work and the detail of the cuts. The heart figure was great too, silvia and i signed that one together and put that piece in last after all the other pieces were assembled.

Thanks again for all that you have done. I'll will eventually put the wedding on my home page so that you can see it as well. cheers,


Robert - Alberta, Canada


Hi Mark,

You did a wonderful job on the puzzle... course it took 1 1/2 days to put it together before we gave it as a present. Then I took a picture of it and on the picture it looks like real roses, unless you look real close, you can't tell it's a puzzle. Our daughter helped put it together and she "Loved it" as much as we did!

The couple seemed confused with a puzzle, but then when they read the box and it said "Anniversary Puzzle" they understood. They said "No instructions or picture?" We all just laughed and said we tore up the instructions. ha. They still have kids and grand kids in, so I don't when they will start on it... Hope it's as hard for them to put together.

I have sent the picture of the puzzle to all our kids and friends and everyone was really amazed and thought it was a great idea.

Thank you for a wonderful job, and keep my name to pass on as a happy customer but I doubt you will need it, as your work speaks for itself.

Thanks again....


 Hi Mark!

Thanks for the newsletter update! It's really amazing to me how much time you must spend on this work! Not only are you creating fabulous puzzles, but you're updating the website and writing newsletters! I'm impressed!

I'm still thinkin' about a puzzle for myself. Hopefully, I will get to Philadelphia soon to visit a friend of mine, so that I can stop by your workshop and get some ideas. (She doesn't know I've got plans outside the city, but she'll get over it!)

Well, I've got to go. Thanks for keeping me in your puzzle loop. Take care.

Joyce K. 1998


 "I love to do jigsaw puzzles. It helps me to relax when I do them. When I am doing my puzzles I can just block out everything around me. It is very nice"


This is amazing, a great adventure, to cruise through your Web Page. The adventure because of all the material you have built into it. The amazing due to my total lack of comprehension as to how you build such a thing.

Those new non-straight-edged puzzles look like true Lulus, and I'll be tempted some time down the line to test one on Sally.

And on her "Cottages" puzzle, it's been put over with the gear she's collecting to take out for her week's stay on Mohegan Island, so we'll finally get to see how many oohs and ahs it takes to get it put together.

And on tests, this latest one about the two trains and the bee. Well, er, I popped that one wide open just about as that bee got himself 1034 feet out in front of the first train. So now, for you: how long did it take me to solve the puzzle?

And again on time-motion stuff, how about the one where a car goes up a mile-long hill at 40 mph, and down the other mile-long side at 60 mph: what is its average speed for the two miles? (I'll bet nine out of ten of your correspondents will say 50 mph.)

Well, that's enough for today. Thanks for your newsletter, and I'll be back to you, one day.

Jack... - Maine


I've enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles since I was very small. I used to have favorites that I would work many times over. Now I have so many puzzles I don't have time for that! I love the old puzzles the best.

I think puzzling is in a "renewal" state as people search for better ways to spend their leisure time. This is reflected in the growing number of better-made (higher quality) puzzles available. I wish I could do more wooden puzzles.I do have a couple of Pastime puzzles that I purchased from someone who had given up on them.

I think your website it great--it has a lot more content than the previous time I visited, and it's very interesting to browse through. You must be extremely busy maintaining this website, creating puzzles, dealing with customers, and producing a newsletter! Whew! 

Linda - Elk River, MN

 Dear Mr. Cappitella,

It took my Mom a little while to put your puzzle together. I saw her eyes light up twice last night, when she saw the puzzle (she loves puzzles), and when she realized it was personalized.

When she put the whole thing together, she glowed... I can't remember the last time she looked so pleased with a gift. She says she will take it apart and put it together over and over again. She loved the special shaped figure pieces you added. Rest assured, you have gained some frequent customers. Thank you again for being so friendly and making this such a wonderful Mother's Day for my mom.

Rudy S. - 15 years old

Alberta, Canada

Hi Mark,

I think working on puzzles is relaxing and good way to wind down my day. Often I will find something good on TV and work on a puzzle at the same time. Also, having a puzzle around the house kind of makes it seem "homier". I used to work on puzzles a lot with my mother when I was a little girl. I guess that's why it makes my apartment seems homier and seems to have soothing effects on me. My Mother would be the first person I would give one of your puzzles to.

Nicole - Davis, Calif.

 "Hi Mark,

Well, Ralph loved his puzzle. He actually got a little emotional about it. About 60 people attended the reception and all were fascinated and very impressed with your puzzle craftsmanship. People kept sifting through the little pieces. I hope they are all still there! We checked the floor really well after the party to make sure that no pieces were on the floor. Ralph has promised to put it together soon and bring it in for all of us to see. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job!

Sue B." - Tustin, California

 "Hey. Hope things are well in NJ. I am having a hard time picking out what I definitely want for this puzzle. It's like when you're a kid at the grocery store and your mom tells you that you can have one piece of candy. Which -ONE- do you get... I am a real Calvin and Hobbes fan, so I thought of making a collage of my favorites.


Have a great weekend Mark,

Kindra" - Indiana


I gave the puzzle to my mom over the weekend, and she LOVED it. It took her and my brother (with a few hints from me) about two hours to complete...

My mom liked it so much that I'm pretty sure she is going to have one made for her sister. I'm not sure when, but she'll let you know.

The bird looks great, too.

Thanks again, Scott" - Michigan

"Hey Mark-

The puzzle did arrive, and it's great! Thank you very much. You threw us a number of times with edge-like pieces on the inside and with the pointed edge pieces. I enjoyed it a lot.

The picture is of my parents cabin on Devil's Lake that my mom has put a few years of effort into changing it from a run down shack to the wonderful cabin you cut up. One of the most enjoyed pastimes there is putting together puzzles, and yours will certainly be the most enjoyed.

Thanks again for the great puzzle,

Scott" -Michigan

"Hi Mark,

I received the puzzle today. I just got finished putting it together and it is wonderful. Thank you very much....I am going to have a copy made of I would like this made into a puzzle also...cutting the puzzle around her shape instead of the rectangle shape of the picture. Also would you be able to incorporate a piece within the puzzle that spells out her name (Misty)?

Thanks and happy holidays,

Evelyn" - Arizona, USA

"Hi Mark,

I just spoke to Ralph and he said the puzzle is all put together. He had a great time doing it! It took him about six hours. He said you put some real "zingers" in for him.

He found it challenging, frustrating at times, and a great deal of fun! He love it and can't think of a better gift to celebrate his 20th anniversary. Thanks again!

Sue B." - California


Your puzzle was a huge success! I was, as was everyone, extremely impressed with the quality of the puzzle. I don't know how I would have performed the teamwork session without it! I thank you for working within our tight time schedule. It was truly a pleasure to do business with you. We highly recommend you to anyone looking for a puzzle to be made.

Leah P." - Utah, USA

* * * * *

Dear Mark,

The Puzzle arrived on time. Many thanks. I will be presenting it to my friend tomorrow. I am concerned for his sanity in trying to solve this "nightmare" puzzle. I will have a report on my friends abilities in the fullness of time, and thank you for the credits, you will get another order.

Best Wishes,

Oliver - London, England

* * * * *


I picked your 3 puzzle package up on my way out of town. They're super. Your cuts, especially on my girlfriend's puzzle, are unbelievable. And the wavy edge is a great idea.

Fantastic work. Thanks for helping me realize a one-of-a-kind, forever memory for three very special people.

I'll be back as a customer, this time from the States.


Faris - Bolzano, Italy

* * * * *

Dear Mr. Cappitella,

Sorry to have taken so long to write, my Internet server has been down for two weeks! I just wanted to tell you that Glenda loved the proposal puzzle and thought it was really romantic. And, of course, she said YES! We are planning on getting married in December of 1998. Thank you so much for your time and effort on the puzzle. It's really appreciated!!!

Matt - Potosi, Missouri

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