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MGC Custom Hand-cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles & Fine Art
for collectors worldwide!

Custom wooden jigsaw puzzles
up to jumbo size 30" x 40"

Personalized wooden jigsaw puzzles
with up to 2,600+ puzzle pieces!

Experience my amazing world of
100% HAND CUT WOODEN jigsaw puzzles

NO Computers
NO Templates
NO Laser burned puzzles
NO flimsy cardboard

Yes, every puzzle is a handcrafted original work of art by a master puzzle cutter with 36,000+ hours of scroll saw puzzle cutting experience over the last 29 years!

1) Prices
-- Jigsaw puzzles for Adults- Collectors

-- Children - Large puzzles - Kids & Corporate

-- Jumbo oversized / big puzzles - Corporate

2) Corporate events & training puzzles

3) Wedding guest book puzzles

4) "Magnetic" Wooden Puzzles

5) Pre-Made Puzzles Ready to ship.

6) Panoramic puzzles


8) Lead times & RUSH orders

9) Marriage proposal puzzles

Digital specs
< 24"x36"

Digital specs > 24" x 36"

11)Shipping & handling

12) Jane Wooster Scott - Americana folk art

13) Royce McClure - Colorful images!

Since June 28 of 1995 I have shipped 7,308 of my "Hand Signed and numbered" handcrafted, personalized, wooden jigsaw puzzles worldwide. I have also made, and shipped over 4,247 additional smaller less intricate "non numbered" custom jigsaw puzzles used for purposes like corporate training, ice breakers, and corporate trade show contest puzzles.
(As of September 6, 2023)

Beautiful Butterfly Puzzle - Butterfly Jigsaw puzzle
Enlarge the Front

Butterfly Heart Wooden Jigsaw puzzle

View this butterfly jigsaw puzzle
in the art gallery

Hand Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces
Enlarge the Back

View this butterfly jigsaw puzzle
in the art gallery

Custom Made Jigsaw Puzzles

Custom Marriage Proposal puzzle
Custom Marriage Proposal Puzzles

Puzzle Enthusiasts
Try these pages:
History of the Jigsaw Puzzle

2) Collecting Jigsaw Puzzles

3) How MGC puzzles got started

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle - Pretty Womans face
Click here
to Enlarge


Artists featured in the online
Art Gallery

Jane Wooster Scott
World Famous
Limited edition
hand signed and numbered
Serigraph and Lithograph art prints.
215 wonderful Americana images.

glamour pinup jigsaw puzzle - Gloria - handmade jigsaw puzzle

Royce McClure
Colorful Marine and wildlife artist
35 Image

Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults - Intricate, handmade Puzzles Custom Made
Click to enlarge it.
More information about this
puzzle can be found Here.

Personalized jigsaw puzzles for adults

Custom Made Puzzles for Adults- Audubon Birds

Audubon jigsaw puzzle - American Robin

An Incredibly intricate, detailed outline cut, with drop out spaces, to truly bring the puzzle to a level of superior craftsmanship and quality. A family heirloom for any jigsaw puzzle lover!

Welcome to

My name is Mark Cappitella, and I have one of the rarest professions in the world! I am a Master Jigsaw Puzzle Maker! My unique hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles are some of the finest quality wood puzzles produced in the world today. I am a Veteran owned business (USMC 1985-1989)

Many of my hand cut wood jigsaw puzzles are custom made to order, and personalized using my clients favorite works of art.

Corporate Events

I love to help corporate event planners, and HR business partners to succeed in pulling off employee appreciation and training with fun and excitement. I have 28 years of puzzle making experience that is instantly your personal asset, to work with you in designing and developing interactive and informative puzzles to accomplish your goal!

Team Building - Ice breakers - Product training - Sales training - Trade show interactive displays - GIANT over sized puzzles for convention stage presentations of new logos, and mission statements... I have done it all. Just call me, so that I can help you!

Wedding Puzzles

The wedding world loves my "Wedding Guest Book Puzzles" (I am the ORIGINAL Maker of the very first wedding guest book puzzle back in May 1998. I even made the cover of In-Style wedding Magazine in 2000), as well as marriage proposals and wedding favor oversized puzzle pieces. Call me, I will help you and work with you to make your special event / moment as special as possible

Pre-made Puzzles

Some of my puzzles are pre-cut and can be found on my other web site, My handcrafted puzzles make a very unique and extra special gift for the person who has everything, as well as for the avid jigsaw puzzle enthusiast.


I custom hand cut jigsaw puzzles for any holiday or special occasion that you can think of. In addition to what I mentioned above, I make puzzles for just about any reason you can dream up!


Puzzles to Bar mitzvahs & Bat mitzvah ceremonies, autism awareness, Alzheimer's, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, house warming, client appreciation gifts to anniversaries celebrations... the ideas and reasons for a custom made puzzle are virtually endless

Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
Enlarge - handmade puzzle

Audubon jigsaw puzzle - (Reverse) American Robins

Jameson Irish WHiskey Bottle wooden jigsaw puzzle
Jameson Irish Whiskey Puzzle

Custom Made Jigsaw Puzzles\

Every one of my handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles is a one of a kind original work of art. They are a completely personalized treasure and keepsake for you and your family and friends, or as simple as a 12 piece company training puzzle.


From the the serious adult jigsaw puzzle enthusiast who seeks a masterfully hand cut jigsaw puzzle with tricks, in a flowing style that is comforting to the eyes and to the touch, to grandparents wanting to get their young school age children a memorable gift, to prototype handcrafted puzzles, and even requests for things hand cut from wood that are not even a jigsaw puzzle.


Yes, I do make my children jigsaw puzzles 40, 75+ pieces for younger school age children. Use your Childs personal art -


For Senior adults, who suffer from declining eye sight or hand dexterity decline, I make custom jigsaw puzzles with oversized pieces. Imagine a poster size handmade puzzle that has just 100-500 larger, easier to see and hold puzzle pieces, as opposed to 1000-2000 tiny pieces, that is too much effort for them to enjoy. Yes, I make my handcrafted puzzles to cater to your unique needs.

No image of your own?
NO Problem!

You can select from the many wonderful fine art prints available inside my online Art Gallery.

Photo touch-up

I offer image scanning and enlargement services as well, allowing you to send me pretty much any image you want to be scanned and enlarged into your custom wooden jigsaw puzzle. Do you have an old photo that is not in the best condition? I also do some mild to moderate digital air brushing to gently restore your photo, eliminate small age stains, minor tears, and small scratches.

Martini Glass Girl Jigsaw Puzzle Custom
Bambitini Wood Jigsaw Puzzle

Creative playful puzzles cut from whimsical images that you send to me in high resolution, or the few I have enjoyed making that are in my online shops.


handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzle - beautiful handmade jigsaw puzzles

Virtually Any idea is possible when making custom cut wooden jigsaw puzzles. My ideas and examples page has some great information for you to read, as well as pictures of some of the previous puzzles I have made. I invite you to call me so that we can talk about your ideas for your custom puzzle, as well as having me answer any additional questions you may have.

My many past experiences of hand crafting over 6,070 completely unique and wonderful personalized jigsaw puzzles, may help you in adding a little direction and flair to how we will create your's. Call me

I look forward to speaking with you about making a jigsaw puzzle, soon. as well as to the opportunity of creating a personalized wooden jigsaw puzzle that you, or someone very special in your life, will truly enjoy and cherish. My jigsaw puzzles will likely become family treasures and heirlooms that your family will proudly pass on to the future generations. If maintained and cared for properly, it is anyone's guess as to how many generations my wooden jigsaw puzzles will be enjoyed.

You may also purchase any art print at your local art store or framing shop, that appeals to you, and send it to me to be custom made into your special wooden puzzle. Additionally, I even accept photo scans sent to me via e-mail or via CD for larger image files.

Jigsaw puzzles for Children - Jigsaw puzzles for kids
Enlarge puzzle image

Custom puzzles for adults, challenge jigsaw puzzles, unique marriage proposal puzzles, wedding guest book puzzles as well as my oversized jigsaw puzzles for corporate events.

I also make custom children puzzles that are jigsaw puzzles with 9 to 100 or more large pieces with oversized dimension so that the individual puzzle pieces are large. Little hands or seniors of advanced age, can easily manipulate and enjoy solving these puzzles. You can even request magnets for a magnetic jigsaw puzzle, so that it can stick to your home refrigerator, office filing cabinet, or magnetic dry erase board.

Custom Made Jigsaw Puzzles

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your images

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Disassembled and boxed hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles
with over 1000 pieces each. Note the special shaped pieces.

Special figural puzzle pieces are placed on top of the regular pieces. Enlarge image




Black Cat Custom  Jigsaw PuzzlesVeteran Owned Business - Happy Puzzling!

handcrafted Puzzles Custom Made Puzzles, Handmade puzzles in the USA
Made in the USA
100% handcrafted, Custom Made
Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Ordering using
your images

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