Nightmare Cutting Style
Hand Crafted - Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles


Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles

Large / Child
Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles

Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles

Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles

My nightmare style gets it's name from being just that! "A Nightmare" to assemble. It is without a doubt, the most difficult of my three cut styles. The high difficulty level (best experienced in puzzles with piece counts above 350) is a true challenge to anyone, no matter how good a puzzle solver they may be.

I recommend this cut to puzzlers who are looking for a long lasting adventure filled challenge, that they won't soon forget,

Do you have what it takes to tackle this cut style? I dare you to give this one a try!

Puzzle section showing the uniqueness and challenge of my nightmare cut... assembled

( The pieces above are shown at about their actual size)

Here I have a few interlocking "Nightmare" pieces showing how incredibly unique they are, and the difficulty involved with fitting them together and solving my puzzles made with this cut! Yes, these pieces are 100% hand cut.

(Pieces are shown here at about their actual size) Click in the image to the right to see a more detailed scan!

Puzzle piece ratio is very important as I like to cut my puzzles at a ratio of around 2 pieces per square inch of puzzle image area.

For example an 8"x10" picture = 80 square inches. 80 x 2 pcs. = 160 puzzle pieces from that size photo or art print.

14" x 17" = 238" sq. x 2 pcs. = 475 pieces

Click here to see an actual puzzle picture segment cut in this style and larger detailed scans!

Photo Jigsaw Puzzles


Approximate number
of puzzle pieces

Teamwork Puzzles
"Nightmare Cut" prices
$2.25 per puzzle piece
Teamwork Puzzles

Image Size

300 Pieces
400 Pieces
500 Pieces
640 pieces
720 Pieces
850 pieces
Not available in puzzles with less than 300 pieces **

$2.25 per puzzle piece - - - ** 300 piece puzzle MINIMUM

* Pricing is based on approximately 2.0 puzzle pieces per square inch of the total image area.


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Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles


Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles

Large / Child
Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles

Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles

Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles

Puzzle Cut Style
Teamwork Puzzles

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