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What is a Remarque you ask?
A Remarque is when one of Jane's Limited Edition Prints is sent back to her, to allow her to paint an original image in the margin of the limited edition print. These Remarques usually capture something within the primary focus of the art print that is being Remarqued.

Why would I want to own a Remarque painting?
Generally speaking, individuals who buy Remarque paintings for their fine art collections are described by one or more of the following scenarios.

1) A person may absolutely love one of Jane's painting, and desires to own the Original Oil on Canvas. You will find that the vast Majority of Jane's Originals are owned by private individuals. When the original painting can not be obtained, a Remarque of the limited edition print is the nearest thing to having the original.

2) Some individuals do not want to spend, or can not afford to spend the amount of money to acquire one of Jane's Original Paintings which can range from $7,500 for a small one, to well into the $20,000s and $30,000s for some of her larger Original Works. A Remarque is an affordable way to have one of Jane's original paintings, even if it is just in the margin of your favorite print.

Why do you show two prices for some Remarque prints?
There are two forms of Remarque.

1) The Remarque Edition. (The more valuable of the two types.) This is when a predetermined number from the total number of limited edition prints is designated to be a Remarque edition. The edition sizes tend to be about 25 prints in size. A Remarque edition can be determined by the fact that the Remarque print has a very low number such as 7/25 or 21/25 for example.

2) A Regular Remarque. This is when a Regular, Artist Proof or Roman Numeral edition of one of Jane's limited edition art prints is sent back to Jane to have her apply a Remarque to it. If you should see one of Jane's Serigraphs with a Remarque, and high numbering such as 125/375 for example, you would know that this was the case for this particular Remarque.

There is NO DIFFERENCE in the actual Remarque that Jane applies to the two versions of Remarque, the only difference is that one is a special Remarque edition numbering.

Remarque editions were only started around 1994. There is no Remarque edition for any Serigraph or Lithograph prior to this time. Up until January 2000 there has NEVER been a Remarque edition made to a limited Edition Lithograph, however there is now news that Jane will be releasing her first Lithograph Remarque Edition during in March 2000

Traditionally, only Serigraphs have a Remarque applied to them, however there have been a few occasions where customers have commissioned Jane to Remarque their favorite Lithographs.

I currently have 26 different Remarque Serigraphs available, and will be placing their Remarque images in the Serigraphs Art Gallery as soon as their are scanned and added to this web site.

Why do some of Jane's recent Serigraph releases Cost $1,000 more for a Remarque?

Since the release of Good Neighbors in 1993, All new Serigraphs releases have had a Remarque Edition. When that edition finally Sells out, the only way to get a Remarque is to take another edition (AP, Regular, etc...), and have Jane apply a Remarque to it. The fee for Jane to do this is $1,000.00.


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